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Last Updated: Wednesday June 20 2007 18:09 GMT

Are you celebrating 100 years of Scouting?

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Scouting is 100 years old in 2007 and lots of celebrations are taking place to mark the event.

A big group of Scouts turned Downing Street - where the Prime Minister lives - into an adventure playground to mark the event.

Are you a Scout, Cub, Guide or Brownie? Is your group having a celebration or special event to mark the anniversary.

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Your comments

"Yes! Our local scout group are taking a flight to Paris in August!! I can't wait, almost 200 scouts are attending."

Nadia, 11, Bristol

"I am celebrating 100 years of scouting at my scout pack. It's really fun being a scout. Be prepared!"

Oli, 11, Southampton

"No, because I am a guide, and will have sadly left my unit before then."

Francesca, 11, Staffordshire

"This summer I am going to a scout camp. It is the sixth year that I will be going there."

Ugne, 13, London

"I went to number 10 Downing Street on 19 June. It was fun."

Connor, 9, Essex

"Our village Scout Group has over 120 members from age 6 to age 18! And almost everyone is going to camp in Dorset in August and taking a day trip to Brown Sea Island where Lord Baden-Powell started Scouts in 1907."

James, 11, Oxfordshire

"I'm going to celebrate the centenary at Martlets jamboree in Sussex. I'm glad I'm a member of the scouts as it teaches me all sorts of things. Most of my school friends don't go to scouts and are always playing on their computers. I think I have the better life!"

Robert, 11, Eastbourne

"I am going to Goose camp with 4000 other cubs and scouts. Hopefully I will watch the sunrise ceremony."

James, 10, Bournemouth

"My scout group and some others from the island are going to Essex for a week. We will go to the Jamboree for a day and meet lots of other scouts from around the world. We will also be visiting London when scouts from around the world will mark their new centenary by renewing their promise at exactly the same time."

Ciaran, 10, Isle of Man

"This year, to celebrate 100 years of scouting, Killyman Scouts are going to Switzerland for two weeks."

Adam, 11, Northern Ireland

"Our scout group are going on a HUGE camp this July, where we will be joined by other scout groups from all over the world. It should be great fun getting to know and meeting lots of other people who share the same passion."

Katie, 13

"We are going to Brown Sea island where scouting started."

Gert, 12, London

"My scout group is having an activity day at great tower scout camp to celebrate 100 years of scouting."

Chris, 13, Preston

"My scout troop are having a centenary camp at the hut and we have to get up at 5am to watch the sun rise!"

Molly, 12, Cambridgeshire