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Last Updated: Tuesday September 11 2007 15:25 GMT

What did Lizo think about Dr Who?

Martha, The Doctor and Captain Jack

Our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo reviews the 12th episode of Doctor Who - The Sound of Drums.
After the incredible revelation and cliff-hanger at the end of Utopia, fans will be desperate to know what happens next.

The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack manage to escape back to earth (no surprises there) and are soon on the track of The Master. But to their horror he's become one of the most powerful people in the country. And he's not alone, he's working with a mysterious race of aliens called The Toclafane who say they come in peace. But The Doctor has his doubts. And he suspects that the whole earth is heading for disaster.

This episode is powered along by a brilliant performance from John Simm as The Master. He's a fantastic villain because he's like The Doctor in so many ways - he's hyper-intelligent, and bounds around the screen with just as much energy as his Time Lord rival.

And what makes him so scary as an enemy is that he's the first person we've met who you can really imagine being able to defeat The Doctor, because he's easily the Time Lord's equal.

Celebrity cameos

The story provides lots of answers that have come up throughout the series - how The Master ended up trillions of years in the future, the origins of Mr Saxon, even what The Doctor's home planet actually looks like. But it also ends up asking even more questions - what does the mysterious drumming mean, and what's The Master really up to?

John Simm as Harold Saxon
John Simm plays the hyper-intelligent Harold Saxon

All of this means it feels rather less exciting than Utopia, it's because it's setting up things for the climax in the last episode of the series. But there's still more than enough going on to keep fans happy, with the tension really increasing as the story unfolds.

It's not all wall-to-wall action though, there's lots of humour. Much of it provided by The Master who's having a wonderful time being an evil super villain. Along with some great celebrity cameos.

Worthy companion

What The Sound of Drums does beautifully is to draw together so many unexpected threads from earlier in the series. And it shows how cleverly chief writer Russell T. Davies has woven together the different strands to reward viewers who've followed the series faithfully.

Also one of the best things about the last 12 episodes has been watching Martha developing from a wide eyed newcomer to the wonders of time and space, into a worthy companion for The Doctor. And we truly get to appreciate this change as she's forced to make some difficult choices.

To keep what happens secret, hardly anyone will be allowed to see the final story - Episode 13 Last of the Time Lords - before it appears on TV. So it looks like this will be the last review of Doctor Who Series 3. But if this episode is anything to go by, the climax of the series will be well worth the wait.

Four and a half out of five.

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Your Comments

"Doctor Who: The Sound of the Drums was FANTASTIC. I was shocked when the doctor got old, and when the aliens came down from the sky the music was wicked. The Master is a bit funny in some clips but when he made The Doctor old, all I wanted to do was to kick him down to the floor. GO ON DOCTOR WHO (I AM THE BIGGEST FAN EVER)!"

Karen, 12, Southampton

"This episode was fantastic! I love the way they've managed to bring back the Master from such a long time ago! It keeps you on the edge of your seat and really gets your adrenaline pumping! I loved this episode and I love Doctor Who!"

Elisabeth, 13, Taunton

"This was another amazing episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed it as Captain Jack is back! John Simm (The Master) is a really good actor and what seems like an enemy to you, me and the doctor episode 12 is left on a cliff-hanger, and Arkangel (a company set up by The Master) may soon come in to action - I cannot wait to see what happens next!"

Emily, 9, Sidcup

"I think it was AMAZING. I can't believe what's happening to the doctor - is it coming to an end?"

Daniel, 10, Hendon

"It was a really good episode. I loved the Master, the way he was mental but really fun at the same time. Captain Jack was once again both good looking and exciting. The Doctor is distraught at The Master and it's up to Martha to save them!"

Sophie, 13, Runcorn

"Amazing. They always seem to surprise us. It's what makes this series brilliant. Well...and because it's got two of my favourite actors in it (David and Freema) and because Russell T. Davies makes WICKED episodes!!!!"

Tasmin, 11, Sheffield

"It was very enjoyable. The Master was a chilling yet hilarious villain, there were many action scenes and the whole episode was on an epic scope. The Toclafane felt slightly stupid though - spheres with toddler voices? Somehow I didn't feel scared. Apart from that, another great script from Russell T Davies!"

Noah, 12, London

"I thought this was a fantastic episode. I think I speak for all Doctor Who fans when I say that I was on the edge of my seat! I hope the last episode will be worth the wait! I hope David and Freema do another series!"

Alexandra, 12, Cheltenham

"Amazing episode! The Master can't die at the end of this series - John Simm is too good to lose! "

Aymz, 13, Wolverhampton

"I think it was great. I'm frustrated that I have to wait a WHOLE week till the next episode!!"

Emily, 11, Wilts

"I thought that it was a really good story with brilliant performances from all of the cast! 10/10!"

Hannah, 13

"Amazing episode! I can't wait till next week, it looks to be one of the greatest Doctor Who episodes of all time. I'm begging that David Tennant will stay for years to come as he is an amazing Doctor, the best ever."

Jake, 13, Isle of Wight

"I was devastated to see it. The doctor became about 200 years old! This means that the doctor will have to regenerate! i will cry when he does. David Tennant is an amazing doctor, and I don't think anyone can do the job better than him. I'm not going to rate the episode very high either, because all that happened was a load of weird bally alien things came out of the sky."

Helen, 12, Newport

"This episode was a masterpiece, excuse the pun! Russell T Davis never fails to produce a mind-blowing script!"

Callum, 13, Fife