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Last Updated: Wednesday June 20 2007 18:09 GMT

Who would you honour?

Birthday honours medals

Loads of people have been rewarded in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

The honours are given to people who've done something special during their lives and this year include celebs like Ryan Giggs and Ian Botham, as well as regular people, like teachers and lollipop ladies.

But if you were allowed to give out the honours, who would you give them to and why?

It could be a famous person, or it could be one of your friends or family.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your Comments

"People who go out of their way to help others should be given awards, not sportsmen who offer less to society."

Becky, 12, Birmingham

"I think people who are fighting at the war should get an award, not footballers!"

Lia, 9, Swanley

"John Barrowman - He is so dedicated to what he does, his character "Captain Jack" is a real hero to children everywhere, and he is just a really nice guy!"

Claudia, 13, London

"I think Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance should get an award because he has such amazing philosophies on life and hasn't ever given up. His band's music is also immense."

Juliet, 13, Brighton

"I think David Beckham should get an award because he's a superstar at free kicks and if it wasn't for him England would not score as many goals as they do!!"

Areej, 10, London

"I think that my mum's friend Jill should get an honour because she does so much for the RSPCA."

Lucy, 9 and a half, Berkshire

"I would give me best friends Anna, Jess and Hannah a honour because they are always there to help you."

Bethany, 13, Edinburgh

"I'm glad Radlinski got one because he used to play for my fave Rugby team, WIGAN WARRIORS!"

Edward, 10, Worcester

"I think Edwin van der Sar should get an award because he has been a great goalkeeper and he is retiring."

Jordan, 11, Kilmarnock

"I would honour Darcey Bussell because she is the best dancer ever! I can't believe she has stopped!"

Natasha, 13, Whitby

"I would honour Ellen Whitaker for being such a good horse rider."

Becka, 9, Liverpool

"Bill Gates, he made the worlds most popular operating system and I don't think many could live without Windows."

Phillip, Newcastle

"I would give David Tennant an honour because he is such a great actor and deserves one."

Jessica, 13

"People who raise money for sick people and people who save other people's lives should be awarded medals."

Jade, 13, Coventry

"As a Man Utd supporter I'm really happy Ryan Giggs got an OBE. I think he really deserved it because he has played great football and is an ambassador of the charity UNICEF. NICE ONE GIGGSY!!"

Natasha, 13, Birmingham

"I would probably honour Kylie Minogue for everything she's gone through battling breast cancer with an inspiring smile on her face. This reason alone encourages me to fight for the battle for women against cancer!"

Edee, 13, Edinburgh

"My mum. She fosters a special needs child. Which I think is something that goes without much recognition in Britain today. It's very admirable of her to do something so nice for another person."

Annie, Hartlepool

"I would honour my piano teacher Yvonne. She used to help children in hospital write songs and she made a CD of them and sold them. She then donated all the money to the children's ward at the same hospital."

Rebecca, 11, Renfrewshire

"John Terry. For being England's captain and saving us often during the World Cup."

Layla, 13

"I think that people who help charities should be awarded, and footballers shouldn't because they don't do as much work as other people like nurses and doctors."

Katherine, 12, Manchester

"I think my best friend Tasnim deserves an honour from me because she's always there for me."

Anisa, 11, Bolton

"Beckham, cos he is the greatest footballer of all time and he always knew his real fans didn't give up on him."

Sam, West Yorkshire

"I would choose my rugby team-mate James because he scores a lot of tries."

Robert, Lancing

"I think Steven Gerrard."

Megan, Derry

"I'd give an award to our striker, Andy Johnson for scoring 2 against our mega-rivals, Liverpool, in September."


"I would give an award to Lewis Hamilton for his outstanding efforts in motor racing."

Jack, Aylesbury

"I think my rugby coach is a sporting hero because he is so enthusiastic."

Charlie, Slough

"The late great Jock Stein for making Celtic the first British team to win the European Cup."

Stephen, West Lothian

"I think Shane Warne should get an award by the queen because he is an amazing bowler!"

Mark, Aberdeen

"My nomination is Elliot for Colliers Wood under 12s cricket. He has scored 4 centuries and taken 27wkts already this year!"

Eddie, Wimbledon.

"I would chose my horse-riding teacher as she is brilliant."

Chloe, Isle of Sheppey

"My grandma would get it from me because she is 66 and still teaches me badminton and plays for a team!"

George, Leyland

"Irish league champions Linfield's captain Noel Bailie who has played over 900 games for the club. He deserves an honour from the Queen."

Richard, Belfast

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