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Last Updated: Friday June 15 2007 13:52 GMT

Quiz: Weather

Lightning storm

Question 1

Which of these is NOT a type of cloud?

A: Cumulus
B: Stratus
C: Sirius

Question 2

What's the middle of a hurricane called?

A: Centre
B: Eye
C: Core

Question 3

The hottest places in the world are near what?

A: The equator
B: The North Pole
C: The South Pole

Question 4

How cold does it have to be for it to snow?

A: Near or below 10 degrees Celsius
B: Near or below 5 degrees Celsius
C: Near or below 0 degrees Celsius

Question 5

When can you normally see a rainbow?

A: When it's raining and sunny at the same time
B: When it's raining and windy at the same time
C: When it's sunny and windy at the same time

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