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Last Updated: Friday June 15 2007 15:48 GMT

Q & A: Trouble in Gaza

Explosion in Gaza

The Gaza Strip is seeing some of the worst fighting between two groups. Here's a guide to what's going on.

Who is fighting?

Fatah is a group which has been in power of Gaza since the 1960s.

Hamas is a newer group who entered the political scene in January 2005.

Why are they fighting?

Both groups have different opinions about getting on with Israel which is next to the Gaza Strip.

People in charge of safety in Gaza, the Palestinian Authority, support Fatah.

They are arguing over power with armed Hamas supporters.

What is happening now?

The Palestinian Authority has put a new prime minister in charge of Gaza to try and sort out the problems.

Hamas say they will not support the new prime minister.

What is Fatah doing?

President Mahmoud Abbas, who is leader of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, may call for new elections.

What is Israel's position?

Israel has not been involved in the latest fighting.

The country has talked to Fatah in the past but not many positive decisions have been made.

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