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Last Updated: Friday June 15 2007 06:46 GMT

In pictures: Polar bear Knut is growing up

Knut the polar bear cub

Knut the polar bear cub hit the headlines in March after his mother rejected him and keepers at Berlin Zoo stepped in to look after him. Here he is at just three months old.

Reporters trying to get pictures of Knut

His story caused a big row about whether it was right for humans for raise wild animals and everyone wanted to see the cute little cub at the centre of it all.

Knut the polar bear cub

During his first public appearance, Knut seemed to love all the attention and even stopped playing in the mud long enough to raise a paw to his fans.

Knut the polar bear cub

Time for a drink. Hang on, where did that other polar bear cub come from?

Knut the polar bear cub

It's hot work posing in the sun and as he's got older Knut hasn't always looked so keen on having his photo taken.

Knut the polar bear cub

That's better. Nothing beats a cooling shower to freshen up.

Knut the polar bear cub and his keeper

Some people are worried Knut will be a threat to his keepers as he grows from a cuddly ball of fur into a powerful predator.

Knut the polar bear cub

But even though he's six months old now, he still seems happy enough to have them around so he can give them massive bear hugs!

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