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Last Updated: Thursday June 14 2007 12:57 GMT

Baby monitor shows space mission

Baby monitor

A mum in America got a shock when she turned on her baby monitor to check on her son and found herself watching something out of this world.

Natalie Meilinger thought she'd see her three-month-old son Jake in his bedroom upstairs, but instead saw pictures of astronauts on the Atlantis shuttle!

Natalie, a science teacher who lives in Chicago, said no one believed her until she showed them a video of the images.

The astronauts are fitting solar panels on the International Space Station.

Baby monitor screen
This is what Natalie had been expecting to see on the screen

It's thought the baby monitor is somehow picking up a signal of the footage from a live video that's being shown on the internet.

However it's happening, Natalie said it made great TV: "I turned the baby monitor on like I always do and saw two people floating in space.

"It's really neat and I've been enjoying every minute of it."

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