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Last Updated: Wednesday June 27 2007 05:32 GMT

Quiz: Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

Question 1

Where was Gordon born?

A: Glasgow
B: Edinburgh
C: Dundee

Question 2

How old was he when he went to university?

A: 16
B: 17
C: 18

Question 3

Which footie team does he support?

A: Celtic
B: Inverness
C: Raith Rovers

Question 4

How many brothers does he have?

A: One
B: Two
C: Three

Question 5

When did he become an MP?

A: 1983
B: 1993
C: 2003

Question 6

What was his job before he became PM?

A: Foreign Secretary
B: Speaker
C: Chancellor Of The Exchequer

Question 7

Which of these was NOT among Gordon's jobs before he was an MP?

A: Television researcher
B: Lecturer
C: Bin man

Question 8

What's his wife's name?

A: Sarah
B: Elizabeth
C: Katie

Question 9

How many sons does Gordon have?

A: Two
B: Three
C: Four

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