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Last Updated: Tuesday June 12 2007 05:53 GMT

In pictures: Stars turn out for Shrek 3 premiere


Shrek got all dressed up in a special green tartan, that was designed just for him, to attend the UK premiere of his latest film: Shrek The Third.

Cameron Diaz and Shrek

The friendly green ogre joined Cameron Diaz on the green carpet to strut his stuff for the fans. Shrek The Third has already been a massive hit in America and opens in cinemas over here on 29 June.

Mike Myers signing for fans

Mike Myers, who does Shrek's voice in the movies, was happy to pose for photos and chat to some of the fans who 'd waited hours to catch a glimpse of their fave stars.

Cameron Diaz signing for fans

Cameron does the voice of Shrek's wife, Princess Fiona, in the films. She said making Shrek 3 had been "so much fun" she couldn't wait for the next one!

Antonio Banderas and Justin Timberlake

Looks like something's scared Justin Timberlake, who play's Princess Fiona's rebellious cousin Artie. Luckily Antonia Banderas - who is also Shrek's friend Puss in Boots - was on hand to look after him.

Timmy Mallett

Maybe JT was dazzled by former kids' TV presenter Timmy Mallet's colourful outfit. Shocking!

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

Justin and Cameron used to go out together but broke up last year. But the couple looked pretty happy to see each other at the premiere in London and said they were still friends.

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