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Last Updated: Thursday July 05 2007 10:31 GMT

What are your school toilets like?

Toilet sign

Press Packer Sara got in touch with Newsround to tell us how bad her school toilets are.

So we want to know what the loos are like at your school.

Are they shiny and new, with lots of light and clean and fresh every day?

Or are they really old and in a room that's really small and smelly?

E-mail and let us know now!

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Your comments

"My school toilets really stink! They're so old the same ones were there when my Dad went to school! There's loads of toilet paper on the ground and most of them are blocked!"

Czara, 11, Republic of Ireland

"My school toilets aren't great. The locks are difficult to operate sometimes and they don't put toilet paper in the cubicles so you have to get it before you go in! There are some days that you have to go without, because there is no paper. I try to avoid them as much as possible."

Heather, 13, Carrick Fergus, Northern Ireland

"They're ok, but no one ever flushes the chain and some doors don't lock."

Megan, 8, Salford

"My school toilets are fine, they always have toilet paper and refill the soap holders. The only down side its that one of the locks are broken."

Cara, 11, Worthing

"Our toilets are filthy and most kids need to learn how to aim!"

Arif, 12, Essex

"My school toilets are just a hole in the ground in the playground with doors, and although they flush the water is turned off in winter as the pipes freeze!! I never use them and wait until i get back home."

Millie, 10, France

"In my old school the toilets were horrible and there were all soggy tissues stuck to the ceiling. They would sometimes fall down on you. How disgusting!"

Houda, 12, London

"Our toilets smell so bad, though we have Japanese style ones that we don't have to sit down on. But pee is all over the floor, we have slippers to change into to go into the bath room that are supposed to be blue and pink but the back is covered in black gunk, and the windows are so small we barely get any air. Since we brush our teeth right after lunch, the sink smells like saliva, so gross!"

Emily, 13, Japan

"My toilets are great because they are in my home - as I am home-educated!"

Emma, 9, Harrow

"Our school toilets have even had rats and there's no soap!!"

Rachael, 12, Chesterfield

"I go to a school in Penderyn. We've got a brand new school. The toilets are fine. But the toilets in our old school were DREADFUL. Used loo roll everywhere, writing on the back of the doors, broken locks. You wouldn't want to go there! All you would see is a great big vat of yellow water!"

Alex, 10, Merthyr Tydfil

"Our school is getting knocked down, so we're in Porto cabins. The toilets look OK at a glance because they're new. There are 4 toilets, and boys AND girls can use them. So every time there is always pee around the seats from the boys, and the girls find it a nightmare."

Emma, 11, Hereford

"Our school toilets are disgusting! There's nothing good about them. The girls have about 10 toilets but we can only use 2 of them as all the locks are broken. The sinks are minging so nobody really uses them. There's never any soap or toilet roll and half the taps don't work."

Rebecca, 13, Derby

"Our school toilets are new and shiny and we are gonna keep them that way!"

Emily, 8, Barnstaple

"The school council has been doing loads of fundraising events to improve them, fortunately! They aren't too bad, though."

Ellie, 11, Mirfield

"Kids in my school put paper towels down the toilet and block them! The toilets are too low down - and so are the doors!"

Callum, 8, Evesham

"My school in America has okay toilets. They are usually quite clean, but once my friends and I found a snake in one of them!"

Luna, 10, America

"Our school has just spent LOADS on new school toilets and they are sooooo cool. If your school doesn't have much money, raise money by having cake stalls or jumbles sales."

Lottie, 11, London

"The school ones are OK, it's the toilets in the changing room that are horrible! The loo seats are always broken or wobbly and there must be a problem with the sewers coz they always reek which makes the whole changing room smell! It's horrible, especially as we have PE before lunch!"

Becca, 13, Milton Keynes

"The girls toilets in my school are really nice but there's one problem, they have rude graffiti everywhere!"

Ceri-Anne, 12, Bridgend

"Our toilets are foul. No one ever flushes them, the mirrors are gone and the graffiti on the back of the door really is gross."

James, 13, London

"Our school is fifty years old and about to be knocked down. They say there is no point in smartening them up, but they need it! We have no locks and even no soap. The toilets are awful, and one is only 30 cm high!"

Lloyd, 12, Norwich

"My school's toilets are only nice for the Year 10 and Year 11s. Unfortunately, the ones for my year are the worst - broken locks, smelly and the soap dispensers don't work!"

Lola, 12, London

"My school toilets STINK! They are really horrible! They are never flushed and always blocked . The boys toilets are even worse!"

Hannah, 11, Loughton

"I've got so many toilets in my school that the cleaners don't even bother cleaning them! They smell so strongly that you can smell them from the next corridor!"

Naomi, 11, France

"My toilets at school are disgusting! I wonder how the teachers would feel if they used them?"

Becky, 11, Abingdon

"People smoke in our toilets and they are foggy when you go in them. It's impossible to go to the toilet. It's awful."

Steff, 13, Leeds

"My school toilets are awful! Some don't have toilet seats!"

Lauren, 13

"My school toilets stink like a zoo. No one is bothered to clean them and they just get worse every single day. No wonder I'm bursting when I get home."

Ruth, 10, Kent

"Hardly any of our toilets lock, flush or are in a useable condition. Someone should do something about the state of school loos!"

Pippa, 13, York

"We have had a new school built and the toilets are fab!"

Juliette, 12, Glasgow

"My toilets are horrible. The doors don't lock, the mirrors are cracked and they have writing all over the walls."

Maddy, 12, Staffordshire

"Our school toilets don't flush. They have PE balls in them and the taps won't stop dripping."

Megan, 10, Harrogate

"My schools loos are clean and always perfect."

Abbie, 10, Newbury

"I hate my school toilets. I only started my school in September and the toilets are terrible. Older kids hang about in them and it's quite daunting going in there!"

Sarah, 12, Portadown

"Our toilets are pretty bad; they always smell and one of them doesn't flush. Plus the locks on the doors aren't very good, and if people try to open them, they can get in."

Lily, 11, Nottinghamshire

"Our toilets at my school are generally very good, but at one of my previous schools, it was horrible. The doors were so small that you could see over them - UGH!!"

Melissa, 12, Cumbria

"My toilets are those horrible metal ones that always really stink and have too wide pans. I wish we could get new ones!"

Bethan, 12, Stockport

"The majority of school toilets smell - it's a well know fact of life! It's because no-one can be bothered to treat them how they would treat their own toilet and the school doesn't put enough money in to making it look good!"

Nicola, 13, Bristol

"They are in an appalling state. The caretakers should do more to make the toilets hygienic."

Hayden, 9, Northamptonshire

"My school toilets are so nasty. They have low walls and most of them have broken doors or are backed up. I don't even go at school."

Saphirah, 12, Philadelphia

"Our loos can be a bit disgusting but we have these automatic air fresheners."

Laura, 11, Durham

"Our toilets are manky and the boys have wonderful ones! There is a hole in the wall on one cubicle so people can look in and the toilet doors aren't so tall so the taller kids can look over! Ewww!"

Claire, 10, Scotland

"Our toilets really stink. When you go into the toilets, they really make you want to be sick."

Lucy, 9, East Kilbride

"Our loos are bad too. We have to go through them to get to our main hall and we always hold our breath. But they're thinking of remaking them so it should be alright in a couple of months."

Shannon, 12, Bradley Stoke

"The toilets really stink and they need to be done up, like putting colour into them. Also when you go into the toilets some of them have not been flushed."

Jill, 13, Scotland

"My school toilets are EXTREMELY smelly and dirty, I try to avoid even stepping in there. The locks are extremely dodgy and there is used toilet paper all over the place."

Osnat, 11, London

"Our toilets are really bad. Loads of people graffiti all over them."

Danielle, 13, Leicester

"Our toilets are fine. In fact we've just got new ones, they're all blue and warm and never smell."

Jasmine, 11, Liverpool

"Our school loos are getting fixed but I won't get to see the new toilets because I will be at secondary school, so it is not really fair for me and my friends."

Daniel, 11, St. Neots

"The toilet cubicles in my school are always damaged, for example - the locks never work. And the hot water that comes out of the taps is sometimes yellow! The overall view is that they are really bad!"

Jack, 13, Folkestone

"Our toilets smell really bad. No one likes them. I wait until I get home to go to the toilet! They are that bad!"

Laura, 12, Newcastle

"Our toilets are ugly. They stink and none of the locks work. People even smoke in them! There is no toilet paper! There is no soap! Our teachers don't even try to improve them!!"

Sehrish, 12, Luton

"Our school toilets are really disgusting but the teachers say that it is students messing them up. To solve this problem they are thinking about putting video cameras in the toilets."

Ellen, 11, Edinburgh

"Our toilets are nice and clean. But some people play around in the toilets at playtime and the Deputy Head has said that they will have to take us one by one to the toilet because children are breaking things in there."

Annista, 11, Kingston

"Our school toilets smell pretty bad. We blame the younger children for not using them properly!"

Alex, 9, Barnstaple

"Our school toilets are horrible as well. Fortunately my school is working to improve them but the students don't take care of them."

Yvette, 12, Ealing

"My toilets are horrible. Only one of the doors lock and our taps don't work. Our toilets don't have very good electricity and they're very dull (just cream), yet the boys' toilets have Harry Potter painted on them!"

Emily, 9, Birmingham

"My school's smell really bad and they're in the same area as our lockers. What makes it even worse is the toilets are unisex!"

Holli, 13, Rutland

"Our school has just done our toilets up and they now look really nice. However, the toilets at the top of the school are not so nice."

Alice and Morag, 10-11, London

"Our toilets are in temporary cabins at the moment and they stink! They're too small and people often don't even wee in the toilet!"

Stallone, 12, Middlesex

"My school toilets are disgusting! Most of the doors have fallen off as well as most of the toilet seats. The whole place is dirty and covered in graffiti and there's never any toilet roll or soap or hand towels!!"

Georgina, 13, Glamorgan

"My school toilets are really nice and I love the cool locks on the doors. They have really cool doors and they always smell nice!"

Martha, 9, Wells

"My school toilets are clean and don't smell very bad but soon we might be getting new toilet areas."

Molly, 9, Ossett

"I don't live in the UK but I will tell you... it's the stinkiest place in the school. When we enter the bathrooms, it has a bad smell. But in my old school, the bathrooms were so nice and clean - like shopping centres bathrooms."

Rabia, 13, Dubai

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