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Last Updated: Monday June 11 2007 17:27 GMT

Q & A with Shrek The Third stars

Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas

Shrek The Third is just one of the many blockbusters out this summer.

Newsround's Lizo met Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas to talk about the movie.

Here's what they said.


Do you think Shrek can take on the other big films out this summer?
I'm not really worried about being in competition with them. Every film has its own audience. I haven't seen any of the other films so I don't have an opinion on whether I like them or not.

What was the attraction of coming back for a third Shrek film?
Fiona is changing throughout all three of the films so I knew it was going to be different, that the film makers took very special care of the character. I felt like all I had to do was show up and give life to Fiona.

Is it great that an animated film like this is breaking new ground?
Absolutely, this film is just great to see because it is different from other films out there.

What can we expect from Shrek 4?
I don't know, they don't tell us a lot. I know it's in production as we speak.

What are the attractions of Fiona's character?
The films are special because they are fairy tales and you don't often get to be part of them very often. It's got a wonderful message. To be part of something which means a lot to people, I feel honoured.

What message does this film offer to kids?
Accept yourself for who you are. Shrek learns how to accept responsibility for his life and the people in his life, his relationships and to have confidence in himself. Fiona tells the princesses that you can't just sit around and wait for things to happen in your life.

What's the future for Fiona and Shrek?
They'll have children, we'll see where that takes us!

What's your favourite thing about being in the films?
Just being part of them is really fun. It brings me joy constantly.


Are you worried that so many films are sequels?
It's pretty much what Hollywood is about. People have to understand that movies can be an art and can be a business. Hollywood is leaning to that side.

How have things changed for you doing this movie?
Not so much. I knew the method and I knew the procedure. I knew how to get into the character of the film without having to think.

How do you rate your chances against Pirates 3 and Spider-Man 3?
I just don't think in those terms of competition. I think people are going to see Shrek because they loved the second and the first films. They are going to go whether Pirates of the Caribbean or Spider-Man are around. There are many weekends!

What does Shrek offer that is different?
I think Shrek is a landmark for animation movies. It became a very strong popular culture character.

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