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Last Updated: Monday June 11 2007 15:54 GMT

Quiz: Shrek


Question 1

When was the first Shrek movie released?

A: 2007
B: 2001
C: 1979

Question 2

What does the word Shrek mean?

A: Hello
B: Fear or terror
C: Big green ogre

Question 3

Who provides the voice for Shrek?

A: Mike Myers
B: Jason Donovan
C: Michael Douglas

Question 4

Who is the ruler of the Kingdom of Duloc?

A: Lord Wellington
B: Lord Farquaad
C: Lord Salisbury

Question 5

Who is Shrek's sidekick?

A: Horse
B: Unicorn
C: Donkey

Question 6

What is the title of the third Shrek film?

A: Shrek 3
B: Shrek the Third
C: Shrek the Return

Question 7

Who is Shrek's frogger in law?

A: King Charles
B: King Lloyd
C: King Harold

Question 8

Where does Shrek live?

A: Far far away
B: Neverland
C: The moon

Question 9

Who is the son of the Fairy Godmother?

A: Donkey
B: Puss In Boots
C: Prince Charming

Question 10

Who is the 'Ogre Assassin' in Shrek 2?

A: Donkey
B: Dragon
C: Puss In Boots

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