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Last Updated: Monday June 11 2007 13:17 GMT

I met the new children's laureate

Press Packer Susie with Michael Rosen and the other competition winners

Press Packer Susie was one of three children invited to attend the announcement about who the new Children's Laureate is.

The Children's Laureate is someone who's written loads of popular books for kids and then travels around encouraging kids to read more.

It used to be Jacqueline Wilson but it was announced on Monday that the new one is Michael Rosen.

Here's Susie's report.

"I was invited to attend a special event in London where they announced who the new Children's Laureate is.

I nominated the poet Michael Rosen and I am so happy as at the press conference they announced it was him!

We were at the Bafta building - it is really posh and there are massive masks like the Bafta awards everywhere. They are a bit spooky really as they are so big.


First of all me and two other children did a quick report with Go 4 It radio to predict who we wanted to win and then we went into this big room where there were loads of reporters and photographers waiting for the announcement.

A few people made speeches before they said who had won.

Jacqueline Wilson, who was the old Children's Laureate, also spoke for a bit about things she has done.

And then they said the winner was Michael Rosen!

Funny picture

I was really excited to hear his name as I think he is great.

When he heard his name Michael Rosen then came to the front of the room to make a speech too. He must have been hiding at the back of the room as I hadn't seen him before.

At the end of the press conference I had my photo taken with Michael and he signed a copy of his book Quick Let's Get Out of Here for me - he drew a funny picture of himself in it too!

Whisked away

It was great to meet him as I have only seen photos of him before. It was funny to meet him in person as he doesn't have his tangly beard like he does in the picture in my book anymore.

But we didn't speak to him for long as he was whisked away to do loads of other interviews.

I am really pleased Michael Rosen is the new Children's Laureate as I think his poems and stories are dead funny and make everyone laugh, not just kids.

And he is really friendly so I think he will be good when he is on TV and visits schools and stuff."

Susie, 9, Glasgow

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