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Last Updated: Thursday June 21 2007 10:27 GMT

What did Lizo think about Dr Who?

The Doctor, Captain Jack and Martha

Our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo reviews the 11th episode of Doctor Who - Utopia.
After the fabulously enjoyable terror of last week's episode Blink, it's hard to imagine how this year's series could get much better.

That is until you watch Utopia - an outstanding story even by Doctor Who standards, with the surprising arrival of someone from The Doctor's past.

It starts with The Doctor and Martha briefly stopping off in Cardiff to refuel The Tardis before their next trip.

But most of the episode is set on the far flung planet Malcassairo trillions of years in the future.


And that's where The Doctor finds a colony of humans who are being looked after by a kindly old professor who's trying to get them all to safety on a nearby planet called Utopia.

Trying to stop them is a tribe of savages, but what The Doctor doesn't realise is that they're not the only dangerous thing on the planet.

There are some fantastic performances - from nine-year-old John Bell who won a CBBC competition on Blue Peter to win an acting role in the episode, to Derek Jacobi who plays The Professor.

He's an aging man who's on the planet doing what he's spent his whole life trying to accomplish, saving the lives of his fellow humans, even if it means he'll die in the attempt.


But the real star this week is the story by Russell T. Davies. He has the same talent as authors like JK Rowling at weaving together the most incredible plots - filled with twists and turns.

I started the episode in my usual position - sitting in front of the TV, notebook and pen in hand. By the last few minutes I was up and hopping from foot to foot with sheer excitement.

And by the time the end credits rolled past I was simply staring at the screen, jaw hanging open in utter admiration at both the writing and the acting performances.

With only two episodes left after this, both again written by Russell T. Davies, it all leaves you desperate to find out how he can possibly top Utopia, as this third series of Doctor Who builds to its climax.

Final verdict - a mind-blowing watch.

Five out of five.

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Your Comments

"So far, the episode is fantastic! I am hooked! I think that the bit about the Master coming back is extraordinary! It has to be one of the best Doctor Who episodes!"

Lamin, 11, Birmingham

"It was exciting to see a new time traveller!"

Lucy, 9, Bath

"I thought the last episode was great and the tension was up right until the end. The Master's return is a very scary thought indeed."

Helen, 12, Newport

"I thought it was absolutely brilliant! It really had me worried! Were the Doctor and Martha going to be stuck at the end of the universe together!? I am so exited about Saturday!"

Eleanor, 12, Gloucestershire

"I'm bursting with excitement to see if The Doctor will get his Tardis back and how he is going to get Martha home. But what will captain Jack Harkness do to try and save Martha and the Doctor? And will the master be successful?!"

Robert, 11, East Yorkshire

"Now I have to admit this was the first time I thought I wouldn't be able to survive an episode for anticipation. It was very good. The whole Professor Yana mystery was a very clever plot. And bringing Jack back was an excellent touch. The cliff hanger was fantastic too, real edge of the seat stuff. I'd give it 4 and a half out of 5."

Daniel, 12, Birmingham

"I thought that it was a great episode, one of the best so far. I liked the way it talked about Rose and we get to see how jealous Martha is. It had quite a lot of humour in it too, which is a must have."

Amy, 12, Sheffield

"It was the best one yet."

Kirsty, 10, London

"Fantastic, nail-biting, thrilling and just GREAT!"

Queenie, 9, London

"It was so exhilarating, and so many ends tied up , yet so many let loose, in a short amount of time. ABSOLUTE MAGIC!"

Lloyd, 12, Norwich

"It was great. The best part for me was when Martha told the Doctor that the Professor had the same pocket watch that the time lords have to use when they want to turn human."

Chloe, 9, West Lothian

"Wow, what a cliff hanger! I can't wait till next Saturday. What's going to happen, what about if the Doctor can't get back to the Tardis?"

Leah, 10, Scarborough

"I thought this weeks episode was fantastic! With "The Master" back on earth in his new form who I can recognise from the Lazarus episode, I simply cannot wait for Part Two! I hope it's as good as the others."

Kyle, 12, Cheshire

"By the end of this episode, I was jumping about squealing. I love Captain Jack, he's sooooo fit."

Rih, 12, Suffolk

"This episode was really scary and it is great because all of the things in the previous episodes add up! It's also good that they brought the master back from the classic series! I can't wait for the next episode!"

Lauren, 12, Suffolk

"I love all the Doctor Whos but I didn't really like this one because I don't like Captain Jack - I think he is full of himself!"

Chelsea, 11, Manchester

"The return of Captain Jack was really cool but it was a bit of a surprise, especially when he's on the back of the Tardis! Martha aka Freema is really funny when she gets jealous of Rose!"

Cairo, 9, Derby

"I found that the last Doctor Who episode was very thrilling. The series Doctor Who always leaves us a great mystery but this is addictive. All my family watch Doctor Who and I'm a major fan. David Tennant really shows the Doctor's true personality in this series and he made me more happy to be watching it."

Molly, 12, Burbage

"I thought Jack was very good. I think this three-parter is going to be very exciting. The Master is a very exciting villain. I think the Doctor will try to find the Master's TARDIS to have a race in time."

Mark, 7, Sevenoaks

"I thought it was so cool! Jack was back flirting with mother, the Doctor told Jack about Rose and the Master has taken the TARDIS and left our heroes behind! Very thrilling."

Sarah, 11, Liverpool

"Once again I was blown away by the clever story lines and the brilliant acting! Each week I can't imagine it being as good as the last but it always proves me wrong. I'm definitely keeping my diary free this weekend!"

Yasmin, 13, Leicester

"I think it could have been better. The beginning was brilliant but when Captain Jack and the Doctor where talking about Rose it turned boring."

Andrew, 11, Barnstaple

"I am soooooooooo glad that Captain Jack is back. He brings more laughter to it even in the worst situations he gets in."

Lacey, 11, Stoke-on-Trent

"WOW! Simply jaw-dropping. Firstly, can I just bow down to mainly Russell, but also everyone else who wrote the series, for the genius recurring plot that finally comes together in the final three episodes. Secondly, that has got to be one of the best of the whole series, the acting, the writing... every part of the episode was possibly the closest thing to perfection I've ever seen."

Cassie, 13, Slough