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Last Updated: Friday June 08 2007 17:43 GMT

Quiz: Martha Jones

Martha Jones

Question 1

What is the name of the actress who plays the Doctor's companion Martha Jones?

A: Freya Agema
B: Freema Agyeman
C: Billie Piper

Question 2

How old is Martha?

A: 20
B: 23
C: 25

Question 3

What are Martha's parents called?

A: Bonnie and Clyde
B: Francine and Clive
C: David and Victoria

Question 4

What is Martha studying at university?

A: Law
B: Medicine
C: Economics

Question 5

Where did Martha first meet the Doctor?

A: The Royal Hope Library
B: The Royal Hope Cinema
C: The Royal Hope Hospital

Question 6

In which episode did Martha return home for the first time since becoming the Doctor's assistant?

A: The Lazarus Experiment
B: Smith and Jones
C: 42

Question 7

In which episode did the Doctor give her mobile phone the Superphone upgrade and a key to the Tardis?

A: Smith and Jones
B: 42
C: Human Nature

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