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Last Updated: Friday June 08 2007 13:04 GMT

In pictures: Huge whale gets a wash

Blue Whale gets a clean

How about this for a mammoth task? Experts are cleaning up a Blue Whale skeleton - the biggest creature on Earth - which is 27m long!

Blue Whale gets a clean

It's the first spring clean in 22 years for the 116-year-old exhibit at London's Natural History Museum.

Blue Whale gets a clean

A specialist team will take 120 hours sprucing up the Blue Whale and 25 other whale and dolphin models, while the museum's Whale Hall is closed.

Blue Whale gets a clean

The team will use 4km of scaffolding, 100m of bubble wrap, 10 special vacuum cleaners and 48 cleaning brushes! It makes tidying your bedroom seem quite easy!

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