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Last Updated: Tuesday June 12 2007 04:55 GMT

My school toilets really stink

A smelly toilet

Press Packer Sara thinks school toilets are really important. She contacted Newsround to say that her school loos are awful and wants to know if it is the same for you guys.

She went along to another school to see if they have bad toilets too. Here's her report.

"My school toilets haven't been changed for years and they really smell bad.

The taps in the toilets have even stopped working.

The school hasn't got much money. We've just raised money for a new playground but it's hard getting people to give cash for our bogs.

Press Packer Sara
Press Packer Sara

I went along to speak to Nickie Brander from Bog Standard. That's a charity which tries to make sure that all school toilets are really good.

She said that there are no laws that the government has created to make sure everyone has lovely loos - so schools aren't forced to make your toilets nice.

Many of my classmates think that the toilets aren't any good and some even try to avoid using them all day.

Top Toilets

However not all toilets are bad. I've come to another school in East Lothian that has received a top award for their amazing loos.

I spoke to Anna who's on their school council. She said it's good having posh toilets because there's no graffiti, less bullying and nowhere for anyone to hide during lessons.

If you guys have poor toilets email Newsround and let us know!"

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Sara, 12, Duns

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