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Last Updated: Wednesday June 06 2007 13:21 GMT

Quiz: The G8

US President George Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Question 1

Which country is hosting the G8 summit in 2007?

A: Germany
B: France
C: Italy

Question 2

In 2007, German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants the other G8 members to agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by how much?

A: 25%
B: 50%
C: 75%

Question 3

What happens on the second day of a G8 summit?

A: A formal ceremony to greet the world leaders
B: The world leaders meet for an informal chat
C: Protesters get a chance to meet the world leaders

Question 4

When did Russia join the G8?

A: 1975
B: 1986
C: 1998

Question 5

How many countries were represented at the first summit in 1975?

A: Five
B: Six
C: Seven

Question 6

How often is a G8 summit held?

A: Once a year
B: Twice a year
C: Every two years

Question 7

Why is the 2007 G8 summit special for British Prime Minister Tony Blair?

A: It's his first one
B: It's his last one
C: He loves catching up with other world leaders

Question 8

Which of these issues have NOT been discussed at a G8 summit?

A: Peace in the Middle East
B: Poverty
C: Big Brother

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