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Last Updated: Wednesday June 06 2007 07:28 GMT

Bear cub Knut is threat to keeper

Polar bear Knut

Germany's celebrity polar bear cub Knut is growing from a cuddly ball of fur into a powerful predator.

Knut, who is now six months old, hit the headlines earlier this year when he was taken in by Berlin Zoo after his mother rejected him.

But experts are worried he could soon be a serious threat to the zoo keeper who has looked after him since birth.

Polar bears might look cute and cuddly when they're young, but they grow up to be fierce and frightening predators.

Knut, who still attracts 5,000 visitors to the zoo every day, now weighs about 28kg, has a longer snout, chunkier body and, more importantly, very sharp teeth!
A polar bear

In March, some animal campaigners said he should have been left to die because they were worried that being raised by humans would lead to behavioural problems later in life.

They wanted him to learn how to behave in the wild so he could fit in with other polar bears, if he needed to.

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