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Last Updated: Wednesday June 06 2007 10:18 GMT

World leaders meet for G8 summit

British Prime Minister Tony Blair (L) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Leaders of the world's eight richest countries are meeting in Germany to discuss big issues like climate change and child poverty at the G8 summit.

They meet every year to talk about world problems and plan what they can do to try to solve them.

People are wondering how Russia will get on with some of the other countries due to a recent row with America over plans for a US missile defence system.

Climate change is also expected to be a topic that causes lots of arguments.

European countries want to introduce stricter limits on the amount of greenhouse gas that is put into the air, but the US, which never signed up an agreement with other countries, is against the idea.

The leaders will also talk about Africa and ways to end poverty and improve people's lives there.

Big walls

Meanwhile, German authorities say police are ready to prevent disturbances at the summit. They've built big walls around the place where the leaders are meeting.

At the weekend about 1,000 people were injured and several protesters were arrested at a city nearby.

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