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Last Updated: Monday June 11 2007 12:24 GMT

Can you make a difference to the environment?

Sun shining through a tree in Australia

As part of World Environment Day we're all being urged to do everything we can to protect the world we live in.

But do you think you can really make a difference to the environment?

Are you involved with any green activities at school? Do you think they'll have any impact on climate change or is it your parents who need to change their habits?

Maybe you don't feel you understand enough about environmental issues? If so, what would you like to know more about?

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Your Comments

"I recycle nearly everything (including bottles, paper etc). Try solar lights or long lasting light bulbs - they are not as bright but they last longer and help the environment."

Ryan, 12, Guernsey

"My school has a nature garden and we plant things. Our school does lots to help the environment."

Saki, 9, London

"My family recycle paper, bottles and kitchen waste. My brother and me walk to school. I think it really makes a difference and helps the environment."

Houda, 12, London

"My mum and I really wish we could go green, but we can't afford it. We walk to school every day and cycle as much as we can though."

Leila, 10

"I think the energy we use in our house should be rationed. Then maybe people will care more about how much they use!"

Heather, 12, Yarm

"At school we do an environment club and we do litter picking, planting and lots more to help save the environment."

Katrina, 8, Torquay

"Yes, of course we can make the world greener, recycling and using your car less makes such a dramatic difference. In my town, we all have to have 4 bins. One for paper and card, one for garden waste, one for general waste, and another one for plastic etc. Everyone can make a difference!"

Grace, 12, Berkshire

"Cutting down trees makes the world less 'green'. In future, we should plant more trees and plants. Our school should grow fruit. Also in future, we should produce cars which do not give off poisonous gases. Finally, we should stop using CFCs."

Sachin, 9, Richmond

"I think that you have to lead by example. Don't tell people to be environmentally friendly unless you strive to do everything you can."

Olivia, 13, New York

"We need to put litter in bins more or recycling bins, we have two at our school, black and blue. Our earth is a wonderful world, we don't want to destroy it."

Rebecca, 10, Hull

"We can all do something to safe the earth. But there needs to be less talk and more action to battle it."

Star*, 13, Dorset

"In my school we discuss a lot about global warming. Also we recycle, turn off the lights and make posters. I think if every school was like this it would make a difference to the world. My motto is turn off the light, open the blinds."

Nyesha, 11, Birmingham

"We save water by having showers instead of baths and not leaving the tap to drip."

Evie, 11, Brighton

"I try to turn the TV off at the button instead of leaving it on stand-by, turning the light off in the bathroom and I take the bus to school (it's too far to walk)."

Sophie, 12, Sweden

"I am involved in the Walk to School scheme. At my school each month we are given a card to mark each day, W for walk and C for car."

Loryn, 8, London

"If you are cold, do not turn on the fire - instead put on some warmer clothes."

Amy, 11, Grimsby

"We should start recycling, not leaving things on stand-by and walking instead of driving. I'm starting do this now and I think that with a little help from all of us, we can make a big change."

Alice, 11, Tadley

"If we all, as a planet, put some effort in then we can make a difference to the environment. If we go recycle-mad, drive and fly less, then we can stop our Earth from heating to oblivion!"

Holly, 12, Bromsgrove

"I think the government should make rules that every household in every area should recycle and use energy only when necessary."

Farah, 11, Bradford

"At school I have joined our Eco club where we plant new things and just look after our Environment."

Charlotte, 7, East Peckham

"I think everyone should go to school or work by public transport or even walk!"

Helena, 11, London

"We all have to stop thinking about us now and think about others in the future. If we all work together we can do it, it doesn't take much."

Lara, 11, Harrogate

"I'm glad we can't travel to another planet and stay because we might destroy that too."

Matt, 11, Liverpool

"I think we could make a difference by walking to school, by switching more lights off and by not leaving things on stand-by. I'm always trying to do that and I think if we all did it we could make a big difference."

Lucy, 11, Basingstoke

"A great way to help the environment is by using natural ingredients to clean. Instead of using chemicals you can use lemon juice or bicarbonate of soda. These work just as well and are eco-friendly."

Isabelle, 11, Brighton and Hove

"I'm glad we can't travel to another planet and stay because we might destroy that too. That would be selfish and MAD!"

Leah, 11, Ayr, Scotland

"We can save the world by planting trees, and by the prime minister making Mondays a no-car day, where everyone either walks or rides a bike everywhere."

Megan, 8, Rattery

"I think that lots of people think that they alone won't be able to help, but if everyone thinks that, then nothing will happen. That's why EVERYBODY can make a difference and save the world from danger, even if it is just recycling a jam jar."

Ella, 5. Leicester

"My friend lives only 2 minutes away from our school, and he still takes the car! If he walked everyday, the carbon footprint would soar in half! "

Lloyd, 12, Norwich

"We can, but only if we work together. It isn't much use if one household recycles, always turns off appliances when not in use, when everyone else can't be bothered. Our school isn't very green but to raise awareness of it, we should have lessons on climate change at school."

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"Yes, we can all chip in and help slow down global warming. It is virtually impossible to prevent it entirely but we CAN all do SOMETHING."

Francesca. 11

"My family has taken away our bath so now we take showers. We also use more energy-efficient light bulbs!"

Sophie, 11, Warwick

"It's quite easy for me to recycle, the council drops off some bags for us to fill with plastic, paper, cans.. and we just put them outside with our rubbish for them to be collected by the council!"

Kayleigh, 11, South Wales

"I think that we all should put our rubbish in the bin and NOT ON THE FLOOR - if we could all do that that would be great. THANK YOU."

Victoria, 8, Blackpool

"I helped protect the environment by turning lights and taps off and my family helped too!"

Jessica, 13, Worcester

"I already recycle plastic bottles and old tin cans but I would like to do more because every day our planet gets more and more polluted."

Molly, 9, Ossett

"For me it's very important that I recycle and save as much electricity as possible. If we all did this, I think we could overcome global warming."

Rosie, 11, Windsor

"You can make a difference by doing the smallest things like switching off lights and taking showers instead of baths."

Isla, 12, Hampshire

"At our school we have different monitors to switch the lights off when no one is using them and to make sure people are recycling paper. At home I try to use only the required amount of water and I put the newspapers and magazines in the blue bin."

Chloe, 10, Manchester

"I am growing trees, my family recycles rubbish and we only watch TV for 2 hours."

Anastasia, 13, Callosa

"Me and two mates are holding a recycling day at school and the money goes towards helping our school be eco-friendly!"

Alice, 9 Wigan