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Last Updated: Tuesday June 05 2007 04:51 GMT

My tips for protecting our planet

Zohib walks to school

It's World Environment Day and people are being urged to do everything they can to protect our planet.

Press Packer Zohaib does lots of things to help the environment.

He shares some tips for going green.

"I always walk to school. It's very good for me and the environment.

I know a lot of people who still take the car to school even if they live a short distance away.


When I peel potatoes, I use the peelings for compost to help the garden grow.

It's important to recycle and do composting. Otherwise, peelings get sent to a landfill site, where it gets put in the ground and burned.

One of the most important things is to switch off things.

When I go to bed, I always turn off the TV. Another thing I do before I go to bed is switch off the computer.

A lot of people leave their computer on standby - and that uses a lot of electricity."

Zohaib, 11, Halifax

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