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Last Updated: Thursday June 14 2007 09:53 GMT

What did Lizo think about Dr Who?

The Doctor in Blink

Our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo reviews the tenth episode of Doctor Who - Blink.

After the fabulous double episode of Human Nature and The Family of Blood, you'd think that the next episode would inevitably be a disappointment. But you'd be wrong. Blink is brilliant - there's no other word for it.

It's another story where it's best not to know too much about the story in advance, because it'll spoil your enjoyment of it. So I'll just give you a bit of info. It starts off with a girl exploring a creepy house. And she uncovers a mystery involving the Doctor.


Believe me, you don't want to know any more than that before you watch it. But here's a warning - it's definitely the scariest episode of Doctor Who ever.

Which isn't surprising as it's from the same man who wrote the terrifying 'boy in the gas mask' episodes in 2005 - Steven Moffat. (He also wrote a series called Press Gang when I was a kid which was one of the things that inspired me to become a journalist!)


It's one of those episodes where you can't help but admire the imagination behind it as it unfolds. And by the time it all finishes, you just end up marvelling at how it all fits together.

An angel
That said it will give you nightmares, with the old but effective Doctor Who strategy of taking everyday things and making you see them in a totally different way. And the story's all the more impressive because it doesn't have very much of The Doctor in it. But it still feels very much like Doctor Who.

Great writing is what sets Doctor Who apart from many other series, and this story is one of the very best examples of this. And it all goes to prove that you don't need lots of David Tennant along with big impressive monsters to make a good episode. All you need really need is a great plot.

Four and a half out of five.

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Your Comments

"It scared me half to death - more so than any other episode of Doctor Who. The Doctor-lite aspect of the episode didn't detract from the story in any way, it made the episode a whole lot scarier knowing that the Doctor was totally powerless and could do very little to 'save the day'. The sequences involving Cathy in 1920 and the ones involving the older Shipton were really moving and in almost direct comparison to the comedic scene with the Doctor babbling on about chickens and lizards. The only thing that detracted from it for me was that it seemed very much to be based on that story from the 2005 annual. We've just had one story based on a novel, and now we have another, even though the differences out-numbered the similarities. But I did absolutely LOVE it! And the final sequences.... wow. I'm very creeped out. 5/5 without a doubt."

Rebecca, 13, Doncaster

"That was the best episode of the third series so far, in my opinion. The plot was incredibly complicated and enjoyably challenging, and the monsters were chilling! I hope to see them returning at some point."

Noah, 12, London

"I watched it at a friend's sleepover party, and we were all clutching each other in fright!"

Lauren, 11, Devon

"OMG! That was amazing. I loved it to bits and thought that it was just pure genius. I'm a real sucker for horror, and this was one of the scariest of all three series!"

Cassie, 13, Slough

"This episode has been written so well, that you barely notice The Doctor is hardly in it! I didn't find it scary but one of my siblings did. It was highly entertaining. It was by far the best Doctor Who I've seen! To me, it's even better than last year's climaxes, Army Of Ghosts and Doomsday."

Jonathon, 11, Leicestershire

"I liked the idea and that it wasn't all based around the Doctor. It was really scary and imaginative. I hope the series carries on as good as this episode!"

Meg, 12, Bolton

"My little brother had nightmares!! 10 out of 10 for scariness!"

Rachel, 10, Huddersfield

"I think that this is one of the best episodes in the series. It was exciting all the way through."

Ben, 12, Kettering

"The scariest Dr Who I have ever seen by far. I actually screamed at one point, I was so scared."

Lottie, 11, Middlesbrough

"It was sooooo scary. I still can't get that picture out of my mind. Although it was great when the angels looked at each other and froze - I don't even think they were angels at all!"

Louise, 9, Wokingham

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