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Last Updated: Thursday June 07 2007 07:16 GMT

Webchat: MI High star Rachel Petladwala

Rachel Petladwala

We asked you to send in your questions for a webchat with MI High star Rachel Petladwala, who plays Rose.

Loads of you replied to ask how she juggles her schoolwork with filming for the hit CBBC show.

Here's what she had to say...

How did you get the part in MI High? - old,oldDr.whorocks!

Well they posted an audition flyer to my school and it was read out in my assembly. Some of my friends and I went to the audition and after about five auditions I got the part!

Have you ever written the lines of your part on a piece of paper and your homework on another and given the wrong one to the teacher? - o?o%oGro

No, I don't think I've ever done that! I don't usually write down my lines, I just learn them from the script.

Do you think you are like Rose or not? - x-Neon-Tinkerbelle-x

No. I'm nothing like her really! She's the clever one in school and quite shy whereas I'm very loud and not usually the clever one in the group.

How can you make sure you keep up with filming and keep up with your schoolwork? Also, is your show coming back on air? - ~~*THe*0Ne&ONLy "AMz*~luVZ ;0lor*~~

Well, when I'm on a break or not in a scene I try to fit in all my work then or on the weekend.

I don't have that much in the summer because I'm not at school during the summer holidays, but if we ever film during my school time, I try to fit it in as best I can!

You'll have to keep watching to see if there's another series!

What was the best episode to film? - warrior on a paper tiger

I loved filming all the episodes but my favourite was probably the first episode because it was our first time filming together and was so much fun.

Do you ever get nervous because you never look like you are? And, could you give me any tips on how to act because I am auditioning for a main part in my school production? - becoolkid

Well, at the start I was very nervous because I didn't want to mess up in front of everyone! But then I got used to it and I stopped getting nervous!

For your school production, just be confident and think as if you were the character in a real situation!

If you've learnt all your lines well and are confident then I'm sure you'll get the part! And if you don't then don't give up and keep on trying!

Do you have a tutor to teach you when you're doing the show? - Matty

A few days before we started filming we had an acting coach come in for a couple of days to help us and give us some tips.

Are all your friends jealous that you have a role on a big time TV show? - Matty

No, they're not jealous at all! They've all been so supportive about everything and are really happy for me.

When I was on a TV show playing extras with my year, we had to start acting at 7am and didn't finish until 7pm! What's the longest number of hours you have worked in a day? - Fizz-pop-gurgle-bang????

Well because I'm only 13 I have a certain time limit for which I can actually film!

But the days were usually quite long, and I sometimes had to wake up at 5am and go home at 4pm! But my usual times were usually about eight hours each day.

With all the pressure of school and MI High do you find much leisure time? - St Jimmy

I usually have my free time after filming or on the weekends but when I'm filming I'm usually too tired to do anything on the weekdays.

But when I'm at school, I have free time again on the weekends and during the holidays!

Do you like your school? Do little children come up to you at lunchtime and ask for your autograph? - ZOEZED

I love my school and funnily enough, people do come up to me at lunch! The younger ones from my school sometimes see me and my friends going to lunch and ask for my autograph!

Have you always done acting? And was it through drama clubs and an agency that you got the part of Rose or through an open audition? - !!*@~*>Ifaelia<*~@*!!

No, before MI HIGH, I had done no acting apart from school productions! I actually got the part from an open audition.

How hot is the guy who plays Blain in person coz he looks GORGEOUS on camera?!? - careka

Well I don't really think of Moose in that way to be honest! And I don't think he's that hot after seeing him in the morning!

Is it good getting to use the spy gadgets? - SecondRichdirk123

Yeah it was wicked! But we all had to be really careful when we had them because they were really delicate and if we broke them the props department would kill us!

How do you cope with all the pressure of knowing you're going to be on TV and you know that you can't make any mistakes? - kitkat7000

When I film a scene and if I ever muck up, then we can just start the scene again! But after about three takes of the same scene, it can get quite pressured, and you really don't want to make any more mistakes!

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