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Last Updated: Wednesday May 30 2007 09:08 GMT

Countries row about whale hunting

Whale hunting is a controversial issue

Representatives from more than 70 countries are meeting in the American state of Alaska to discuss the controversial issue of whale hunting.

There are lots of arguments for and against killing the beasts.

Some people say they should be left alone because they are rare and important creatures.

But others disagree, with some groups arguing that whaling is an important part of their culture, and they rely on them for food and other things.

One of the big issues at the moment is that Japan would like to start hunting humpback whales in the Antarctic.

Some people in Australia and New Zealand are angry about this because lots of tourists travel there to look at the creatures.


Greenland wants to increase the number of whales it can kill.

Other nations are happy with the rules as they stand at the moment. The rules about how many whales can be killed are reviewed every five years.

The meeting in Alaska aims to set the rules for the 2008-12 period.

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