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Last Updated: Friday June 08 2007 13:26 GMT

What did Lizo think about Dr Who?

The Doctor and Joan

Our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo reviews the ninth episode of the third series - The Family of Blood.

After the outstanding first part of the story in Human Nature, things really belt into action in this episode. The mysterious aliens known as The Family of Blood, along with the Scarecrow army, are trying to capture John Smith/ The Doctor, and he still doesn't realise who he really is.

Usually in Doctor Who, The Doctor doesn't change much and we get to see the effect he has on the people around him - from his companion to others who he meets along the way. But the beauty of this story is that we really do get to see The Doctor as we've never seen him before.

David Tennant is exceptional, getting the chance to play a huge range of emotions from love to terror to despair. It makes a great contrast to The Doctor that we usually see. And it naturally gives Martha much more to do as she has to take charge. Telling The Doctor at one point that he 'makes a rubbish human'.

And not only is it packed full of frightening moments, but the time in which it's set - just before the First World War - gives the story an even more chilling atmosphere.

This is one of the highlights of the series, with a terribly dark conclusion. It's not quite perfect, although it comes close - the end of the episode is very moving, but does feel slightly glued on to the main story. And it doesn't quite answer all the questions that came up in Human Nature.

But overall it's another fabulous story which does exactly what the series should be doing, pushing the characters in new directions and putting them in situations that we've never seen before.

Another top notch episode.

Four out of five.

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Your comments

"I thought this was a brilliantly unique episode, more interesting-we got to see the doctor's sensitive side!"

Buddleia, 12, London

"I think the writers of Doctor Who are trying to make it scarier by putting the Doctor in more danger and introducing more terrible characters. It's working but I don't find it scary!!!"

Zoe, 12, North Walsham

"When he first joined Doctor Who I didn't really like him, however now I do more than the ninth Doctor!!!"

Kim, 11, Wakefield

"I found the episodes very good and it was good the way they showed what the Doctor would be like as a human."

Simon, 12, Swansea

"I think the ones with Martha are not as good as the ones with Rose in, because the Doctor loved Rose but not Martha."

Billy, 12, Coventry

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