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Last Updated: Friday June 01 2007 11:36 GMT

Does CCTV make you feel safer?

CCTV camera

Kids have been involved in the launch of new-style CCTV cameras in Coventry - which shout at people if they drop litter or behave badly.

The people behind the cameras hope they will embarrass people so much that they won't misbehave.

It's thought that there are 4 million CCTV cameras in the UK, with some of us getting filmed 300 times a day.

But do the cameras make you feel safer?

Or perhaps you think we're filmed too much and should have more privacy?

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Your Comments

"I think it is good and bad. The good thing is that it stops people hurting or doing bad stuff, and it makes you feel safe. The bad thing it makes you feel like you're in a prison and that you can't be trusted."

Laura, 11, Clydebank

"I think there are a few too many and they invade your privacy."

Finn, 12, London

"Police should be there to sort out the problems in the town but still have the CCTV for later evidence."

Rosie, 11, Windsor

"I do think CCTV makes the country safer because if someone attacked you they will be able to identify the person who did it."

Victoria, 10, Sidcup

"CCTV just makes you feel like you can't be trusted. My school has them up all over, it's like a prison."

Becki, 13, Barnsley

"We should have more CCTV in public places so that everyone can feel and be safe."

Adil, 8, Nottingham

"CCTV cameras are costing the government thousands of pounds but they aren't stopping the criminals."

Rachel, 11, Northampton

"I think they are good and bad because they catch criminals doing bad stuff but every step you make someone's watching you."

Emily, 9, Southwater

"I think the cameras are good for stopping crime but I think adults should shout at people not children. I would not listen if a young kid shouted not to do something. Also, cameras are wasting electricity and are bad for the environment."

Alfie, 9, St Mary

"I don't like the idea of having CCTV cameras because if you do something bad by accident, police could say that it was on purpose!"

Anaisa, 10, Leyton

"I think CCTV cameras are great and they make me feel extremely safe."

Heidi, 11, Banbury

"I think that CCTV is actually quite useful. Some people got robbed near my house and the criminals were caught because they were captured on CCTV."

Alisha, 11, Leicester

"I think that CCTV doesn't help make me feel safe because even if there are CCTV cameras, youngsters take no notice."

Hamza, 10, Southall

"They don't make me feel safer, but they are a great idea to help stop crime. I think the idea of cameras shouting at you is really cool, it will instantly alert you if you've done something wrong."

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"I like the fact that they are telling criminals off, but can't we have a bit of privacy?"

Chloe, 10, Manchester

"It should be actual people watching over our environment, not cameras. Cameras do not stop people from doing things they shouldn't. And the people behind the cameras are not close to the place they are watching, so if someone was murdered, they would never get people there in time to stop them. And anyway, would you commit a serious crime right in front of a camera? I don't think so."

Hannah, 13, London

"We should get police on duty to do that sort of stuff, not silly little cameras."

Hamza, 13, London

"CCTV cameras are not always great because they can not get inside people's bags to find criminal objects. However, they can still find criminals."

Tom, 10, Petersfield

"I'm not that bothered about them. If they're not disturbing you and they're helping to prevent crime, what's the problem?"

Nathalie, 13, Nottingham

"Yes, they make me feel much safer and help cut down crime."

Charlotte, 13, Nottingham

"I don't think they make you feel any safer because they don't actually stop people from doing bad things, they just record what is happening. Anyone can still be shot, kidnapped, etc."

Jocelyn, 9, Middlesex

"I think that there should be more CCTV, as there are still many places where gangs hang out and misbehave without anything stopping them."

Alex, 11, Durham

"Most of the time when they need to be used to help in a police case, the picture is not clear enough to be used anyway! It makes people feel like they can't even go to the shop without being watched."

Kelly, 12, Dudley

"If you aren't doing anything wrong why should you be worried? They're only there to protect us."

Connor, 11, Bath

"I think they are good for catching criminals, but I do find them annoying as people are watching me."

Chris, 11, Somerset

"I think they are really good because they can catch criminals. They really make me feel safe."

Lauren, 10, Oxfordshire

"I think they are a good idea but you do need a bit of privacy. Although you do need to catch a criminal if they've done something wrong..."

Helena, 9, Birling

"It's good to know that there are things out there keeping us safe but when they're watching you it feels creepy."

Claire, 11, Harrogate

"Cameras watching your every move is bad enough, but talking cameras is frightening. One camera for 14 people is too much."

John, 13, Byley

"I think that CCTV cameras are a good idea to help you feel safe, but ones that talk may make you feel embarrassed."

Abdi, 11, London

"They make me feel safer but I still get worried around big gangs."

Emmie, 12, Birmingham

"I think there are too many CCTV cameras in England."

Sanjar, 8, Hove

"I think CCTV cameras are a good idea but it can sometimes make you feel intimidated."

Nicola, 12, Reading

"Although CCTV cameras can make people feel secure, I think that they are also invading peoples privacy. But I also think that they have made a huge improvement when it comes to catching criminals so they are both good and bad."

Coreen, 13, Leicester

"I think it will make me/us safer because the town will be much cleaner and it will help us to not drop litter."

Sabah, 12, Bury

"CCTV cameras have been put up at my school, and I hate it! If school is a place for learning, why do they insist on prying on us all the time?"

Kate, 13, Manchester

"I think they are annoying but they have to have them otherwise it wouldn't really be safe."

Jasmine, 10, Bradford

"They're taking over Britain! Wherever you go cameras are following you - it's all big brother these days. It's annoying, we are meant to be a free country. It is also invading our privacy and it stops people feeling free."

Amber, 8, Brighton

"I think that CCTV cameras are useful because they can catch criminals and give more evidence if there is an incident."

Roshini, 11, London

"I think CCTV is good because you feel safe, however if there is any trouble, people won't do it in the eye of cameras. Maybe hidden CCTV cameras would be better!"

Sarah, 12, High Wycombe

"I think it makes us safer but I wouldn't like to have them watching me all the time."

Connor, 12, Nottingham

"I think CCTV cameras are good, because it makes me feel safer knowing we're being watched."

Emily, 13, Liverpool

"No, because on the TV you see all the footage of people getting hurt and they're not stopping anything."

Farah, 11, London

"It does make me feel a lot safer in case something really bad happens and no one sees it."

Megan, 9, North Wales

"No, I don't think it intrudes with our privacy. It's very useful, like for robberies and when people misbehave. The security people can easily see who is guilty!"

Rabia, 13, Dubai

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