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Last Updated: Tuesday May 29 2007 07:34 GMT

Man gets woken up - by a leopard!

Arthur with the leopard

Imagine being tucked up in bed and getting a rude awakening - from a leopard!

That's what happened to a man in Israel, who woke up to find the big cat on the covers.

Luckily, Arthur Du Mosch is a wildlife guide and knew what to do to hold down the animal until help arrived.

It's thought the big cat had wandered into Arthur's home because it was hungry and fancied a bite of the family's pet cat, which was on the bed.

Leopards usually go into villages after they become too weak to hunt in the wild. They are little threat to humans.

"This kind of thing doesn't happen every day," said 49-year-old Arthur. "I wasn't thinking - I just acted."


The leopard was taken to an animal hospital for tests and was expected to be released into the wild with an electronic tag.

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