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Last Updated: Friday May 25 2007 07:09 GMT

Album Review: Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad


Release date

4 June

The style

Move over Beyonce - Rihanna has arrived. This album mixes up all the sounds of 2007 and the end result is amazing.

There's loads of upbeat numbers to get you dancing as well as Rihanna's usual mix of soul, dancehall and pop.

The songs

It all kicks off with the excellent number one hit Umbrella and the rest that follow manage to keep up with its standard.

There's a nice slow song called Say It, a soulful duet with Ne-Yo on Hate That I Love You and a fast and fun dance hit-to-be Lemme Get That.

Will you be enjoying it next week?

Yes, yes, yes. Rihanna has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years and there's no stopping her now.

Will it make the charts?

Easily. This will shoot into the top 10 and end up being one of the best pop/dance/soul albums of the year.

NR rating:

Five out of five