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Last Updated: Thursday May 24 2007 06:42 GMT

Orangutan escapes from zoo cage

The escaped orangutan

An orangutan escaped from its cage and caused loads of damage after throwing picnic tables and a motorbike.

The ape got free from his cage at a zoo in Taiwan and terrified visitors were forced to take cover as he went wild in a picnic area.

Twelve police officers and loads of zoo workers were called in to try and catch the runaway orangutan.

He was finally caught when an animal expert fired a safe dart containing a sleeping drug into the ape.

A baby orangutan
The name orangutan means 'person of the forest' in Malaysia and Indonesia
They are the largest mammals in the world that live in trees
They eat insects, leaves, bark, flowers and fruit.

The giant ginger beast was then carried off for treatment in a small bulldozer!

The 10-year-old ape is now safe back in his cage at the Santao Mountain Entertainment Area in Kaohsiung County.

The monkeying around was caught on camera by a local TV crew.

The orangutan, and everyone at the zoo, are all fine.

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