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Last Updated: Wednesday June 27 2007 11:24 GMT

Which famous person would make a good teacher?

David Tennant as a teacher in Doctor Who

David Tennant pretended to be a teacher in the last series of Doctor Who, but if you could pick, which famous person do you think would make a good teacher, and why?

Would having Jamie Oliver as your teacher make learning home economics easier? Or would English lessons be more fun if JK Rowling was teaching them?

And what is it about your celeb of choice that you think would make them such a good teacher?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your Comments

"I think Picasso would make a very interesting art teacher."

Rakhsana, 12, Glasgow

"I think Michael Jackson would make a good teacher cuz it would be funny."

Brenden, 13, Basingstoke

"I think J.K. Rowling would be an excellent English teacher, Johnny Depp could teach Drama, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake for Music, Vincent Van Gogh for Art, David Beckham for P.E., David Tennant for History, Angelina Jolie for Geography, my head teacher would be David Walliams and my form tutor can be Sharon Osbourne!"

Christina, 13, Suffolk

"David Tennant for Science teacher, Orlando Bloom for Drama teacher, Beyonce and James Morrison for Music teachers, Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey for Cooking and McFly for form teachers! What a great combination!"

Tulsi, 13, Walsall

"Josh Holloway should teach PE, strange but he's great at swimming!"

Alice, 13, St Ives

"I think C. Ronaldo for P.E. and 50 Cent for music."

Peter, 8, Cookstown

"David Tennant would be a great teacher because he's got a sense of humour and is enthusiastic."

Katie, 12, Sheffield

"Leona, because she is really nice & would be great at singing lessons!"

Rhiannon, 11, Cwmbran

"I would like to have J.K Rowling as my English teacher because my lessons would be really fun."

Abigail, 12, Witham

"I think David Attenborough for Biology, Steven Gerrard for PE, and Johnny Depp for Drama!"

Jack, 11, Harrogate

"I think that Cameron Diaz would make a great teacher for any kind of lesson - Drama especially."

Sophie, 10, Liverpool

"I think Catherine Tate would be a good English and Drama teacher. She must know all of Shakespeare but would make lessons fun."

Fritha, 12, Gloucestershire

"I think Johnny Depp would be a fantastic teacher in drama."

Miriam, 10, Leicester

"I think Johnny Depp for Drama, Mel Clewlow for Hockey, Stevie Gerrard for Football, David Tennant for History, Gail Emms for Badminton and Charlie Higson for English. All of my favourite people in my school! WOW!"

Holly, 13, Kent

"David Tennant would be great."

Hrachik, 10, Harpenden

"I think that Kelly Homes would be a great PE teacher!!"

Chloe, 11, Redditch

"Lauren thinks: Beyonce will be a good teacher at singing and dancing. Aishwarya thinks: Dani Harmer will be a good teacher because she can teach us drama. She's also been a few places around the world so she can tell us what the places were like."

Aishwarya & Lauren, 10, Telford

"I think Zoe from Blue Peter would make a good teacher."

Izi, 9, Portscatho

"I think Danny Jones from McFLY would make a great music teacher, because one: he's great at singing and guitar, and two: he's sooooooooo... cute!!!!"

Rebecca, 10, High Wycombe

"I think that Jacqueline Wilson would be a good English teacher and David Walliams and Matt Lucas as some sort of teacher. It would be a right laugh and you might actually want to get up for school on a morning. LOL!!!!"

Lauren, 11, Barnsley

"Keira Knightly for drama! David Beckham for P.E! Jacqueline Wilson for English!"

Hannah, 11, Oxford

"Peter Crouch would be a great PE teacher and Lizo would rock as a Form tutor."

Matthew, 9, Stoke

"I think Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance would make a fantastic art teacher."

Emily, 12, Brighton

"I think Zac Efron should run his own drama club, because he has great advice and really encourages you. He is also a great singer/actor, as well as having a great personality."

Laura, 11, Birmingham

"I think Daniel Radcliffe would be a good drama teacher and could give advice to people who wish to be an actor."

James, 12, Orslow

"Jon Tickle for Science teacher, Jim Carrey for Drama, Lady Sovereign for Music, Steven Gerrard for PE, Gordon Ramsay for Food Tech!"

Jake, 12, Feltham

"I think Angelina Jolie would be a good drama and PE teacher! Oh and maybe Stephen Hawking could be a science teacher and Judy Blume could be a English teacher!"

Alta, 10, London

"I think that David Jason would be a good teacher because he has seen everything in his time."

Kerry, 13, Peterborough

"I don't think celebs would make a great teacher. I like my teachers just the way they are. "

Nisha, 12, London

"I think it would be amazing if David Tennant taught history. He's the Doctor, he's been around since he beginning of time! Who knows more about history than him?"

Alice, 13, Hampshire

"I personally would love Johnny Depp as a teacher for drama. He just seems to slip into character sooo well and he is definitely the most charismatic actor out there right now and he also seems like a genuine person."

Kaytia, 13, Glasgow

"I think that Noel Gallagher would be brilliant for music lessons, he could teach you how to sing all of Oasis's songs!"

Eve, 9, Stockport

"Richard Curtis because he has a really good view on the world."

Kat, 11, London

"I think that David and Victoria Beckham would make good teachers, David would teach the boys how to play football and Victoria would give the girls beauty lessons."

Ellie, 13, London

"I think Rachel Stevens would make singing lessons much cooler."

Kira, 9, Brentwood

"I don't think celebs would be good as teacher as they aren't qualified. They're good at what they do and should stick to doing that. It would be good as a one-off but not permanent - they'd be busy with their career!"

Caitlin, 11, Leeds

"I reckon JK Rowling would be a great English teacher as she would be able to talk about her ideas and how to make a good story."

Aamina, 12, Birmingham

"I'd love to have Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical. She is fab, and having a drama class with her would be awesome!"

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"If Philip Reeve and Philip Pullman taught English, it would be my fave subject. Their books rock!"

Connor, 11, Thornhill

"I think Billie Piper would make a fantastic teacher because she has got the look and she would make all the pupils laugh. She is also quite brainy!"

Natalie, 11, Bradford

"I would like Hillary Duff to be a teacher because she is funny and I am a huge fan of her."

Yehee, 11, Middlesex

"For a teacher, I would have Steven Gerrard because in PE he could teach me how to kick the football very very high."

Benjamin, 9, Prestatyn

"Arsene Wenger because he knows how to play football and he gives everyone a fair chance."

Kieran, London

"I think that Albert Einstein would make a FAB Maths or Physics Teacher (if he was still alive of course)."

Hannah, 10, Suffolk

"I think that Jacqueline Wilson would be a great English teacher. I would love to hear her talk about her books! But I also reckon that David Tennant would be the greatest Drama teacher ever, he rocks! Drama is my fave subject and he would make it even better!"

Georgia, 12, Plymouth

"I think Lily Allen would make a good teacher because she would teach people about being unique and having their own personalities."

Eireann, 12, London

"Freema Agyeman."

Elliot, 10, Gloucester

"I think Katie Price would be a good teacher as she's had a lot of bad press but she doesn't let it get her down. She's a fab mum and is inspiring."

Zoe, Suffolk

"I think Michael Owen because he's my idol."

Luke, 11, Neath

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