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Last Updated: Monday May 21 2007 18:14 GMT

I saw the Cutty Sark fire from my home

Press Packer Cerrie

A massive fire has really badly damaged the Cutty Sark ship, one of London's most popular tourist attractions.

Press Packer Cerrie lives near the dry dock where the ship is kept and saw the flames from her flat. Here's her report on what happened....

"I was staying at a friend's house and we woke up at about one o'clock in the morning because we heard a bang.

We all went back to my house and then we heard another bang and saw the fire had started.

The Cutty Sark fire
Cerrie and her friends could see the fire from their homes

We all rushed upstairs and could see the flames from the window. They were really, really high.

It was really scary and we were worried that the fire was going to spread, but then we got told to leave our homes and had to stand in the middle of the car park.

Half the children fell asleep on the floor with their sleeping bags and all the adults had loads of bags. It looked like we were going on holiday!


Before this happened people thought the Cutty Sark was lovely, but now it just looks old, dirty and horrible.

Everyone thought the damage would be much worse but all the stuff that's normally on top of the ship is being stored in a warehouse.

The people who look after the Cutty Sark said that if that hadn't happened the whole thing would have burned and not just half of it so in a way we're really lucky."

Cerrie, 9

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