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Last Updated: Thursday May 17 2007 18:41 GMT

Rare giant turtle found in Asia


One of the world's largest turtles, said to be on the brink of extinction, has been found in Cambodia.

Animal experts found a female Cantor soft-shell turtle and a nesting ground while looking in the Mekong River.

It weighed a massive 11kg - about the same weight as 24 bags of sugar.

The giant species, which can grow to more than two metres long and weigh a whopping 50kg, was last spotted in Cambodia in 2003.

Scientists say the find could help save the turtles from disappearing off the planet.
Baby turtles

Eggs that were found have since hatched. The baby turtles were released into the wild earlier this month, along with another adult turtle.

The turtle has a rubbery skin and a powerful bite. It spends most of its time hidden in sand with only its eyes or nose showing.

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