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Last Updated: Tuesday May 22 2007 14:55 GMT

Send us your FA Cup final match reports

Cristiano Ronaldo and Frank Lampard

If you think you know more about football than the experts here's your chance to prove it.

If you watched the FA Cup final send us your match report. We'll put the best ones up on the website.

You could include your man-of-the-match, your fave goal, what you thought of the ref or whatever you think is the most interesting thing about the match.

And if you went to the game on Saturday you could tell us what the match was like from inside the stadium.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your reports

"The match was terrible until a fantastic move by Chelsea which won them the FA cup."

Dan, 12, Newcastle

"I absolutely wanted Man U to win and I am a true Manchester United fan, they are the best. I can't believe Chelsea won 1-0."

Luke, 10, Worcester

"I still can't believe we won or that Giggs thought it went over the line when he shoved Cesc and the ball over. At least Fergie didn't think so. A great moment to see JT lift the cup and complete back to back victories at Wembley."

Layla, 13, Dunstable

"I liked the game a lot. I thought Man U should have won because they are a much better team. Anyway I thought that Ryan Giggs should have got that goal."

Jess, 12, London

"Chelsea are the best team in the world and the goal that Drogba scored was the best one I have ever seen."

Stacey, 13, Barnstable

"The game was a brilliant match with loads of close shaves. I think Man U should have won because they played much better but of course I am a Man U supporter myself! Also that goal with Ryan Giggs should have been a goal - that ref was a Chelsea fan!"

Nisha, 10, Surrey

"I think the first half was boring and the second half was brilliant. I think the man of the match should be Vidic because he played well and he always tried to get the ball. Ronaldo didn't play as well as he normally does."

Harry, 9, Crowborough

"It was a great match between two great teams, both teams had 50-50 chances of winning. The noise of the crowds were awful (as in loud). I should know that because I live down the corner towards Wembley stadium. So that's all. "

Armaan, 9, Wembely

"My man of the match was Paul Scholes because he keeps giving in good balls to the box. The ref in the match was a bit lazy but my fave move of the game was the one two between Lampard and Drogba."

Ahmed, 13, London

"It was a tiring and frustrating match for both teams and neither could break the deadlock in normal time though both came close. Chelsea in the form of Frank Lampard and Manchester United in the form of Wayne Rooney. In extra time things looked to be headed for penalties when some beautiful one touch play by Chelsea opened up a chance for Drogba to lob the keeper and win the FA Cup at the new Wembley Stadium."

Yasar, 12, London

"I think that this match was awfully boring as both teams decided to play it safe. Although I wasn't with any teams as I support Arsenal, I think that Man United played much better than Chelsea and Chelsea only won the cup as they got lucky. Also that goal that nearly went in that Ryan Giggs shot passed the line and the goal should have been counted."

Jo, 13, London

"I think that the first half was quite boring but in the second half it livened up a bit. Chelsea scored a well worked goal because it was a nice one two by Lampard and Drogba. Drogba took the goal very well. Man United did play well and when Ryan Giggs shot, Peter Cech carried the ball over the line but when the linesman looked Peter Cech brought the ball over the line. It should've been 1-1. I wanted it to go to penalties."

Louis, 8, Sheffield

"Essien did a great pass to Drogba, Van Der Sar tried to run in the direction of the ball, when the ball swirled and went into the goal the final score was Chelsea 1-0 Manchester Utd. The man of the match was Wayne Rooney because he put so much effort into scoring, I don't really think that Ronaldo tried his best at Wembley Stadium. The reigning champions for the FA cup are...CHELSEA!"

Nicole, 11, Croydon

"I thought Chelsea played fantastic, even though I support Man United. I thought Frank Lampard should get man of the match because he had the pace and control."

Chloe, 11, Oldham

"After a boring 1st half both teams came out showing their true colours. Coming so close to scoring the first goal in the new Wembley Stadium Giggs, Lampard, Rooney and Robben, Ronaldo and Drogba were all really unlucky. But at the end in extra time Didier Drogba grabbed the winner. There were happy Chelsea fans but sad Man U fans as well."

Nadia, 12, Paignton

"I watched the game on TV and it was a cracker. The first half was pretty dull but the second half was something else. I thought John Obi Mikel was great, all his passes were accurate and he used his strength well. I was a bit disappointed in Ronaldo though because he didn't seem to be getting into the game very much. I also thought Wayne Rooney played well, he was running at the defence every time he got the ball. I think 1-0 is a fair result as Chelsea were a little better."

Alex, 10, Edinburgh

"Not the most exciting match. Both managers put out their best teams for this big cup final day, but no one stood out. In the second half Ryan Giggs scrambled in from a cross and Cech apparently kept it out, but replays show that the ball was past the goal line. With penalties feeling probable, in the last minutes of Extra Time yellow cards were dished out to Solomon Kalou, Paolo Ferreira and Ashley Cole, but a moment of brilliance with a Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard set Drogba up in the air to poke past Edwin Van Der Sar."

Samuel, 10, Berk Hampstead

"I believe the match didn't live up to the hype it was given in the build up and I'm very disappointed myself as I'm a Utd fan, but as I'm not a sore loser: well done to Chelsea, can't wait for the rematch in the charity shield next season."

Joe, 13

"Manchester United started well but then went down hill in the second half. Chelsea were very lucky to win, I thought it would go to penalties. It is cruel on Manchester United not to win, I support Manchester United but there is always next season to win the FA CUP and this year at least we won the Premiership."

Ashton, 10, Swindon

"I thought Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba were absolutely fantastic. I support Man U, but today's match was a fantastic match for Chelsea. Congratulations to Chelsea."

Tim, 12, New Malden

"I thought the game was pretty even but Manchester United were a bit better in the first half. Chelsea had it in the second half. In the extra time I thought Drogba's goal was great but O'Shea and Ferdinand were slow. When Rooney crossed the ball to Giggs in extra time I thought it was over the line. My man of the match would be Frank Lampard because he showed pace and control. I think the ref was alright but in some cases he was wrong."

Hannah, 10, Oldham

"The match started like it would be a boring game. After the first half Ryan Giggs had an excellent chance but Peter Cech denied it. It was end to end action until the whistle blew. Extra time came and there were some more subs but Chelsea broke with a lovely one two with Drogba and Lampard for Drogba to put into the net. The whistle blew shortly after. Chelsea were champions."

Jacob, 11, Preston