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Last Updated: Thursday May 17 2007 15:26 GMT

Dani Harmer: I went on a charity trip to Ghana

Dani and Zuwera

Tracy Beaker star Dani Harmer has been to Ghana to find out about children who are not able to go to school.

Newsround decided to give her the special honour of becoming a Press Packer during the trip - here is the first of her three reports.

"I went to Ghana for Newsround to see what life is like for the children here.

I'd been invited by Comic Relief and Action Aid to find out about children that don't go to school.

One of the main reasons children have to work is to help feed themselves and their family. It's simple - if they don't work, they don't eat.

Thousands of children in Ghana sell fruit, bags of water or even beg.

Dani in Zuwera's home
Dani in Zuwera's home

In 2000, countries from all over the world set a target that by 2015 every child in the world would have a primary education. Now, we're almost halfway and there are still 80 million that don't go to school.

One of these children is Zuwera, she lives in a small mud hut with her blind grandmother.


Zuwera was making a rug. She will sell it for 60p. And if there's nothing to sell, she has to beg.

But recently she's started going to a class run by a local charity and she's now learning the alphabet.

Zuwera says that she wants a proper education so that she can have a better future.

Early start
Children in the market
Children in the market

But every day is the same for Zuwera. She gets up at 5.30 in the morning, helps sweep and then takes her grandmother to market to beg.

She's out until about nine at night. She doesn't even get a chance to be a child.


I checked out the market where Zuwera begs. It's like stepping into a completely different world.

It's like a film set someone has set up for us to come and film in, but it's not, it's real."

Dani Harmer

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