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Last Updated: Friday May 25 2007 08:58 GMT

How has Madeleine's disappearance affected you?

Children hold up a poster of missing Madeleine

A very big story in the news at the moment is the disappearance of four-year-old Madeleine McCann in Portugal.

This is an upsetting story but there's a huge search going on to find out what has happened to her.

How has this story affected you? How do you feel about it?

Have you talked about it with your friends, at home or at school?

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Your Comments

"I really feel sorry for her parents and her. I wish I could help. I always wear a yellow ribbon pinned on my shirt and yellow ribbon in my hair. Most of the time I wear yellow clothes too. I hope she's ok wherever she is. I don't even get what the person who abducted her will get by abducting her like that. It's the cruellest thing ever. I hope they find her!"

Jazmine, 11, Manchester

"I have a cousin who is 3 years old. I couldn't imagine him going missing! I just hope they find her soon..."

Emily, 12, Halifax

"So many people are supporting Maddy all over the world and because its all over the internet, TV and radio, there is a much higher chance of her being seen in the street and easily recognised."

Jodie, 13, Cornwall

"Maddie's disappearance has made me really upset. How could someone take an innocent child like Maddie? She has done nothing wrong!!!"

Amy, 10, Suffolk

"I feel really sad about Madeleine's disappearance and it's horrible that someone would take a child like that. Even though she wasn't taken off the streets it has made me more careful."

Rebecca, 11, Lancaster

"I feel really bad and worried about her. I hope they do find her."

Rita, 8, London

"My little sister is about the same age and when I look at her, I think of Maddy. I hope they find her soon."

Nichola, 12, Buckinghamshire

"I am making sure my brother stays beside me all the time when we walk around our village. When I see yellow, I think about her. I am hoping that she is safe."

Georgia, 13, Bedford

"It's so unfair that poor innocent Madeleine has been kidnapped. I just want a world of peace, no terrorists, no abductors, basically a crime free world. We hope you're released soon Maddie."

Vicki, 11, Kettering

"My name is Madeleine as well and I am scared that I might be taken too. I hope she comes back soon alive and well."

Madeleine, 8, Suffolk

"I think this disappearance has really affected everybody. A poor innocent girl abducted. I think it's terrible. I still give hope that she's found by putting yellow ribbons up."

Helen, 11, Liverpool

"I have a wee sister the same age as her wee brother and sister and I feel sorry for her family. Who would do a thing to a little innocent girl? Please come home soon Maddie."

Sarah, 12, Falkirk

"I get scared at night and I know that I won't get kidnapped but I am still upset :( and I pray for Madeleine so that they can find her alive and not hurt, but safe and sound : )"

Grace, 11, France

"She went missing a couple of days before her birthday and she is only 4 years old I just think of how she feels away from her friends and family at her age."

Charlotte, 10, Isle of Wight

"It has really upset me about the disappearance of Madeleine. She's a beautiful little girl and shouldn't really have been taken from her parents anyway. But the thing is that she could be any where in the world. I just hope that they find her soon."

Danielle, 12, Suffolk

"I feel scared in the night and I think I can get pinched in my house, but I still know I'm safe. I hope she is safe and I don't want anything to happen to her, she is only four."

Amy, 8, Cleveland

"Why are they focussing on this one individual when there are thousands of children who have been abducted?"

Jerry, 11, Mombassa

"When my parents leave me home alone, I have to put the alarm on because I am scared that someone will break in and take me away."

Scott, 13, York

"Since Madeleine's disappearance, I have constantly been on the computer checking up. I really want her to be found. Also it has been brought up in discussions during lesson time. It has also made my little brother ask: "Will I get stolen too?" He is very afraid now, and has to check if anyone is in the house before going to bed in case a man is around steal him."

Polly, 13, Buckinghamshire

"If Maddie had not been left alone then this would not have happened and the whole world would not be looking for her now. I think her parents should be ashamed. I hope she comes home safely and unharmed."

Katie, 13, Harlow

I think it is disgusting how someone can take a child away from their parents. Yes there is a downside to it for the parents and that is Maddie and her sibling shouldn't be left alone no matter what, but no one deserves to be taken away! There are some sick people in this world and they need help but please bring Maddie home. Make her come home alive and well, no young child deserves this as they have their whole life to experience... BRING MADDIE HOME!!!"

Luke, 13, Stockport

"I am scared when I go round corners so I have started a karate group. I am on my red belt."

Jasmine, 9, Barkingside

"I feel sorry for her because her family isn't a family without her."

Bea, 8, Ascot

"My mum is not even letting me go to a corner shop because she thinks I might disappear with my sister who is only 9 years old!!"

Nasra, 8, Manchester

"In my school we our learning what to do if someone approaches us."

Aodhan, 10, Belfast

"It is a horrible, tragic event that reinforces the dangers of strangers. I sincerely hope she is found alive."

Nina, 11, Haslemere

"This story has affected me because I don't feel as safe when I go out with my mates. Anyone could snatch me."

Andrew, 12, Lisburn

"I think the person who took her should be very ashamed of themselves. It has made me think about all the bad things in life rather than the good."

Charlotte, 11, Coventry

"Its sickening that even after 17 days no one has come forward with information of her where about even with such a large reward. I just hope and pray they find Maddie alive and well.."

Anjali, 13, Bangalore

"I think that it's very sad that Madeleine has disappeared, but it also encourages other children not to wander off."

Natasha, 9, Clevedon

"I have been watching the news for the past couple of weeks now and I have started to realise how the disappearance of Madeleine not only effects me but the others around us with children at such a young age being sexually harassed or just taken because the kidnapper wanted children... plz show your respect for little Maddy."

Andrew, 11, Dundee

"In school we have only being talking about Madeleine and we keep going on to the website to find out more about her. I hope she is found! I keep watching the news because I want to find out more about poor Madeleine!"

Scott, 11, Dumbarton

Now 4 year old little Madeleine has gone missing, even I am scared to be home alone. And I am hearing it everywhere I am getting really worried."

Hajar, 11, London

"Maddie is only still a baby. Her parents are partly to blame as they should have used the babysitter. I feel sorry for Maddie because she didn't ask to stay on her own, if they used the crèche it might not have happened."

Hayley and Shannon, 11, Coalsnaughton

"Maddie's disappearance has made me feel her parents should never have left the three of them, then Maddie could still have been taken but they would know who and could then have told the police."

Rebecca, 11, Redruth

"Madeline's disappearance has scared me but I also think it has made things safer for other children. People are taking more precautions and hopefully things like this won't happen again in the near future."

Jeni, 12, Butlers Cross

"I think it is so sad and all my friends and I feel so sorry for her family. Although I have heard that she someone spotted her in Morocco! I just hope she's safe."

Sophie, 12, Sevenoaks

"Maddy was a beautiful little girl who does not deserve to suffer. I hope she is safe and well and will return to her family soon. Me and my friends all agree that her parents did make a mistake but everyone does. Life is about taking risks and making choices!"

Anna, 12, Hull

"I think to a certain extent, something like this effects everyone in one way or another. It makes everyone think about the sort of world we live in and how precious life is."

Tally, 13, Manchester

"We are both really affected by this tragic moment. At this moment we are printing posters from her website to help try and find her. We have now learned that we need to respect our mums and dads for all they do for us and how they would miss us if we were missing. Best of luck for Madeleine and we wish her safety until she's home!!!"

Isla and Caitlin, 10, London

"It must be torture for the mum and dad, thinking where she could be every night; if I could say something to them I would say: "Don't give up or you would give up on Madeleine."

Sarah, 11, Liverpool

"I hope they find her alive. The poor girl, she's even missed her birthday. Police please find her!"

Ronan, 10, Leek

"I think it is really sad and worrying. Although it is very rare, if we're not careful, this could happen to anyone."

Jessica, 11, Croydon

"I have watched the news every day and sometimes 3 or 4 times a day only because of Maddie. Me and my friends have been worried something has happened to her. We talk in the playground every morning and on the computer at the weekends about her. We want Maddie back, we are going to set up a campaign to make people see how important this is!!!!!!"

Georgia, 10, High Wycombe

"Please let her be found."

Tilly, 13, London

"It's amazing how an event like this can make everyone stop and think. I've seen so many campaigns to find Madeleine, and I can only hope they find the little girl alive. Fingers crossed."

Georgia, 13, Surrey

"I don't normally pray but when I heard this story I prayed, and I'll continue praying until she's found. XXX"

April, 10, Nottingham

"Madeleine did not deserve this, her parents must be worried and so upset, I wish them luck finding her."

Keira, 10, Glasgow

"It is really upsetting about Madeleine's disappearance - I hope she is found."

Darcy, 9, Manchester

"I'm very sorry Madeleine. We miss you and love you and we all hope you're not in danger."

Alice, 10, Brighton

"I think it's a shame how someone could be so cruel."

Megan, 9, Crail

"Please police, try really hard to bring Madeleine back soon."

Steven, 11, Scotland

"When she was abducted I was really scarred. I hope they find her alive."

Alex, 13, Germany

"We have been praying that she will be found and it is sly because she missed her birthday."

Katie, 10, Marshfield

"I think it's really sad because a family go on holiday to have fun and bring back good memories - not bad ones. You should be able to have a meal and know your children are safe. It is really upsetting and whoever took Madeleine should return her because it is affecting her family."

Lorna, 11, Leeds

"I sometimes cry for this little baby girl. I'm crying now while I'm writing this. Please bring her back safe and sound. I'm thinking of you baby Madeleine."

Chloe, 12, Oxford

"All my family can talk about is poor little Madeleine. I hope she is found and safe."

Eilidh, 12, Inverness

"It is tragic to think about the loss of Madeleine McCann and many of us cant bear to close our eyes, because it reminds us of the dark empty hole in her parents' and many others hearts. I have faith in people that are helping and I have a space in my heart that will be refilled when she is at safety with all the care and TLC she needs."

Chloe, 10, Leeds

"The person or people that have abducted her have no thought for anyone else, I find it quite scary and upsetting."

Anna, 12, Hereford

"I have a little sister the same age and I would dread to think if my little sister went missing from a holiday. My mum lights a candle every day hoping for Madeleine's return."

Shannon, 12, Doncaster

"Madeleine's shocking disappearance makes me want to stay near an adult or friend."

Jodie, 11, Oswaldtwisle

"This news story really made me sad when I first looked at it and it still does. Sometimes I think I might cry."

Liam, 9, Barrow-in-Furness

"I hope they find her alive and not hurt too much."

Sarah, 7, Portsmouth

"It's really upset me to think that she wont be able to live a happy life with her family. I feel like she's part of me."

Nuala, 10, Aberdeenshire

"I think something like this makes people scared to go out to foreign countries but realistically things like this don't usually happen and the chances of it happening to you are a million to one, so whilst there is a chance, it's very small... I hope whoever has her gives her back safe and sound soon! xx"

Ruthie, 12, Paisley

"I can't believe what has happened! I listen to the news all the time now. I hope the police find her. I think Madeline's parents have made the right decision by staying in Portugal. I just hope Madeleine is found or is returned home safely soon!"

Lily, 12, Essex

"I can't even bear to think what Madeleine's parents must be going through. I know that a lot of people of blaming the parents for this tragic accident but I think we have to sympathise with them. They had no idea what would happen and I'm sure that if they realised this is what would have happened, they would have NEVER left Madeleine alone."

Rach, 13, Stourbridge

"It's made me feel really unsafe. When I'm alone I'm really cautious, even if it is just when I'm walking home. I think it's evil. Everybody is talking about it. I just want her to be found. I can't imagine how much agony Maddie's parents must be feeling. Come Home Soon Maddie xxxx"

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"I think we should all be optimistic, the police are doing their best and we're all together to find precious Madeleine, where ever she might be."

Ella, 12, London

"I think it's terrible that someone would want to take such an innocent little girl. Let's all hope she is found safe and sound..."

Jordyn, 13, Ayr

"It haunts me in my sleep, I even cuddle my favourite toy. Just like Maddie's mum with her cat."

Katie, 12, Newcastle

"I am very upset about this article, as my parents went to the Hotel next to Maddie's hotel in the Algarve, Portugal. They said that Portugal was a very safe area to stay and young children could go and play out with the feeling of being safe."

Abi, 13, Trowbridge

"Everyone in my school are wearing yellow ribbons to support her. Please come home soon Maddie."

Emma, 13, Liverpool

"I think this is terrible. People should do more to stop this from happening. I don't think I could go on holiday again!"

Abbie, 11, Manchester

"I think that whoever has taken poor Madeleine is a wicked person and IF they find him/her, they should be put in jail for LIFE."

Rhianna, 12, Ryde

"I am very sad too, and if I could then I would go and find her myself! But that would be dangerous. I'm sure the police will find her."

Hayley, 11, Stroud

"I feel so sorry for little Maddy. There isn't a word to describe how terrible this is. I give my love and prayers and really hope she is found soon."

Lydia, 13, Poole

"I feel really sorry for Madeleine's family. In my school every single person is talking about it."

Ashlie, 11, Norfolk

"I can't sleep because I am having nightmares of being abducted, I keep my eyes open to see if anyone comes in my bedroom."

James, 11, Braunston

"Lets hope young Madeleine is safe, I hope that she is going to be back with her family as soon as can be."

Abigail, 11, Aldershot

"I have been really badly affected by this, me and my friends are raising money and so far we have raised £12. I hope she comes home safe."

Savannah, 10, UK

"Madeleine's disappearance has made me realise how lucky I am to be with my parents. Ii think whoever has taken her should end the pain for her family and her and return her to her parents unharmed. All my wishes to her safe recovery."

Gemma, 12, Abertillery

"Why would anyone take a little 4 year old away from her parents. I hope they find the person who's taken her. Help find Maddy."

Ryan, 12, Falkirk

"What sort of person takes a 4 year old girl away from the people that she loves? I hope the police find Maddy she doesn't deserve this XxXxX"

Reanne, 13, Bedford

"I hope they get Madeleine back, I feel really sorry for the family. Everybody is thinking she will be ok. Whoever has got her please bring her back safe. xxxxxx"

Courtney, 10, Cheshire

"Little Maddy was only 3 and she is still just a baby! How could someone take her from her bed. It's so scary if you think that we could be lying in bed and get snatched."

Gemma, 12, Barrow-In-Furness

"We go to Portugal every year and I found out I'm going again this year but I really don't want to go because I might go missing."

Chloe, 9, Chester

"Little Maddie is so cute and only just 4! My mum is really protective now. What we all want to know is where is she? And who would do something like this? I hope she gets home safe. xx"

Mia, 11, Earl Shilton

"I am really sad but my mum told me not to cry. I hope they get her back soon."

Molly, 11, Wallington

"This poor girl Maddie is really pretty and cute we have been talking about this in school and I hope she gets home safe and to Maddie happy 4th birthday xx"

Amylee, 11, Newtards

"Parents and guardians please keep your children safe and look out for young Madeleine! I hope she is fine and well and that she'll come back soon!"

Keera, 11, London

"It's so sad because her parents are really worried, I think she is still alive. Thanks to everyone who gave a load of money to keep this case big, its all about peace and love, peace and love."

Charlotte, 11, Perth

"This is one of the saddest stories ever. This made me really cry!! Let's hope she gets found and who ever has got her will return her back safely as soon as possible!!"

Sofia, 11, Worcester

"It's an awful story and who ever took her should be feeling really guilty and bring her back now."

Bethany, 11, Macclesfield

"People should be more careful on where their children are, Maddy's parents are not to blame as they must be going through a terrible ordeal at the moment. I really hope this comes to an end and Maddy is back home safe and sound. :("

Arman, 13, Renfrewshire

"It has affected me in that me and my friend have been looking at recent photos of where she went missing to see if we could see anything. I can't concentrate hard and I've been doing my SATs this week!"

Amy, 11, Norfolk

"At school all we have been talking about is poor little Madeleine. I hope they find her!!"

Katie, 12, Pontefract

"Even websites like Club Penguin are turning yellow for Maddy! Come home Maddy!"

Katie, 11, Kent

"My school is having a non uniform day where we all wear yellow to raise money for her family. I hope she is alive and well - and that we will all see her soon!"

Georgia, 13, London

"I feel really sad even though I don't know her. I feel really sorry for her parents too. They must be in bits."

Sophie, 10, Birmingham

"Since Madeleine's disappearance, my mum's been dead protective and hasn't let me go out on my own!"

Jewdrop, 11, Belper

"What has happened to Madeleine has made my whole family very upset. My mum and I have cried over Madeleine and feel for her family. I keep wondering how could someone do such a horrible thing to a nice girl and her family on holiday."

Emily, 12, Dover

"It is very upsetting. I visit Portugal on holiday every couple of years and I never thought anyone in Portugal could be like this. It seems like a friendly environment. I pray for Maddy and I think, what must she be thinking? I know her mum and dad should not have left her but they obviously thought it was safe or they would never have done it! Whoever has her, bring her back. Her family miss her and she probably misses them!! England want Maddy back safe and well!!"

Amy, 13, Manchester

"Well, I am so sad. Madeleine's aunty was my old modern studies teacher, and I don't even want to imagine the pain and suffering she and the family are going through. I just hope they find Madeleine, safe and well."

Rebecca, 13, Glasgow

I feel sad that someone snatched the little girl away and hope she is found soon, but her mum and dad shouldn't have left her alone with her brother and sister. They should have looked after her properly or got a babysitter. She was too young to be anywhere without an adult with her."

Mark, 13, Scotland

"The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is awful and I support her parents in every way."

Saffron, 11, Bridgewater

I really do hope that she is still alive and well! I feel very sorry for Madeleine and I wish that she was still with her Mum and Dad! I hope that people find her very, very soon! If I could, then I would come out and find her myself!"

Charlotte, 11, Nuneaton

"I hope she is not hurt."

Daisy, 6, Fair Oak

"We are very sorry to hear about this unfortunate event, even though we think it's partly the parents' fault for leaving her on her own. Now that we have talked about it we agree that the parents have enough on their hands and must already feel bad about this. If there is anything we can do to help let us know!"

Klara and Michalina, 12, Parsons Green

"My mum is worried so now she doesn't let me go to school on my own. I hope she's safe and comes home safely!!!"

Atika, 11, East London

"It has affected me in a way because the child is only 4 years of age and is very vulnerable... I really want her to come home and I am wearing yellow ribbons to support her at such a difficult time."

Jemma, 12, Linlithgow

"I am going to pray for her."

Sharon, 11, London

"The person who has got her has to give her back - now!"

Meghan, 10, Stafford

"I think this is sooo tragic and I really hope that Madeleine comes home soon safe and sound, the person who did this should be locked up 4 life!"

Kaysey, 13, South Wales

" I can't believe that anyone could take a little girl of her age, I am so upset. Whoever has got her please take her back to her family they are missing her so much."

Bethanie, 11, England

"How could anyone take a child? It has made me so upset and distraught - her family miss her so much and are going through so much. Wear a yellow ribbon in support."

Kya, 11, Manchester

"I feel so sorry she's so sweet and it's so selfish of someone to steal her she's only 4 years old."

Skaidre, 12, London

"We feel really really sorry for Madeleine because Saturday was her fourth birthday and she had to miss out. We hope there will be a happy ending."

Atlanta Class, White City

"I don't know how people could do this to such an innocent child, she has not done anything to anyone. I really hope and pray she will be found safe and well."

Eilish, 11, Australia

"The thing I want to know is why someone would want to do this. The saddest thing is that they did it on purpose and because they know that it's really upsetting everyone."

Emily, 11, Bognor Regis

"I hope that Madeleine gets found safely and brought home with no bruises or cuts. xxx"

Dylan, 12, Livingstone

"I am really sad. Maddy looks like a lovely girl and in all of her pictures she looked really happy and so did her family and now this. My whole family is really sad and my whole class is too. Please find her and do all you can. xx"

Hannah, 12, Ballymena

"I'm worried because it's such a little girl and she looks so sweet. Why do people do this sort of thing? A child should have a happy life! I didn't talk about it with friends, but at home everyone is worried."

Sarah, 12, London

"I know people are saying that where I live the police are not doing their best but they are. I live in the town. Everyone is doing the best to help them. Please find her, find Madeline and bring her back home to England. Please I wish she is O.K."

Lavinranda, 12, Portugal

"I think of her and her parents every day. Please can everyone pray for this poor little girl and her family."

Poppy, 13, London

"I feel it's sick that someone would just take a little girl like that! It's affected me because my little sister is around the same age, so it makes me upset to think it could be my sister, or anyone else that age... it's horrible!! ...x...x...x"

Katie, 13, Aldershot

"Madeline's disappearance made me really worried that I might be kidnapped but my mum said that things like this very rarely happen so I am feeling better about it. We also chatted in school about what we could do in the rare occurrence of someone kidnapping us."

Lorna, 10, Nailsea

"This is the only story that has really touched me so I am collecting money for her. I really hope she gets home safely because a poor innocent girl should not be taken away from her loved ones and I hope the abductor will show themselves because otherwise that person had better watch out."

Holly, 11, Kingsbridge

"Me and my friends really hope Madeleine can return home safe and sound. We also pray that the parents can find her."

Cara, 10, Edinburgh

"I think what's happened to Maddy is REALLY, REALLY HORIBLE!!! And it makes you feel nowhere is safe. Where they were staying was meant to be safe, it was a family friendly village, I think the security should be better there. This event makes me feel very sad and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope Maddy is found."

JJ, 12, Birmingham

"I don't know how the family are coping, if this happened to my little brother then I don't know what I would do. I just hope that the family are able to find Madeleine and that she comes back safe and sound."

Laura, 13, High Wycombe

"It really upset me that she vanished so easily. I'm praying that she'll be found."

Catriona, 13, Edinburgh

"I hope poor Madeleine is okay. I hope she is on her way safe and sound. I really feel sorry for the parents and her little brother and sister. GOOD LUCK IN FINDING HER!!!"

Jessika, 11, Hampshire

"My mum is sooo worried now! She turned around in the car one afternoon and went 'where's your brother?' and I said, 'He's in school, mum.'"

Kate, 11, Neath

"It is very upsetting to hear about this because it just shows you that you also can be taken away at anytime and at anyplace."

Oceane, 13, Longdon

"I hope she gets home. Why was she at the hotel on her own anyway? I'm not allowed to stay at home 'til I'm 14."

Charlotte, 11, Halifax

"I'm amazed how Madeleine's parents are not giving up and I think everyone helping and praying for her is great."

Emma, 12, West Sussex

"I just think to myself, why would anyone want to take a little girl? It is so sad please if you know anything please tell the parents or the police!"

Kelsie, 11, Exeter

"Little Maddie's disappearance has had a great impact on my school & home. My school has posters up with the number to call if u see anything suspicious. I cant imagine what her family must be going through but I do hope that Maddie returns home safe and well."

Danielle, 13, West Lothian

"This happened to an innocent child! The person that took her should be ashamed of themselves!"

Anonymous, 13

"With Madeleine getting kidnapped it make me, my friends and my family think that any of us could be next. Hope you come back soon Madeleine, Happy birthday. xxx"

Jess, 12, Wickersley

"Me and a few friends are raising money to help find Madeleine."

Alessia, 10, Norwich

"I hope they find her cause it must be very upsetting for her family and friends because it is touching everyone's heart in the world. Please buy a yellow ribbon in support for little Madeleine. Hope she has a safe return home and wish her family and friends all the best. xox"

Kayleigh, 13, Dunfermline

"I think Madeleine disappearing has affected everyone and we are all trying to give our support by using supportive skins and videos on Bebo and other home pages and we are all praying for her. We hope she returns safely!"

Elysia, 12, Swindon

"I can't even think about what could be happening to her. It's affected my family too and that's all we talk about. I hope she gets back safely and soon."

Patrick, 13, Hull

"I hope and pray that Madeleine is returned safely. To think that someone could take this little girl is sickening. She is only 4 years old. Come home soon Madeleine xx"

Sophie, 13, Luton

"We have been wearing the yellow ribbons and we really hope she is found safe. Happy birthday."

Danielle and Zoë, 13, Braunstone

"It has affected us because it makes us think they might have hurt her and all those who have gone missing, and it makes us think we could be next."

Emma, 13, Dunfermline

"I feel so sorry for Maddie and her family. I think we've just got to stay positive and hope for the best. I'm sure she'll be found. x0x0x0"

Laura, 11, Hollywood

"I hope that Madeleine gets back safe and I feel so sorry for the parents. I wish there was some way I could help. xx"

Natalie, 12, Swindon

"We wish u were still with ur parents having a good time and we hope the parents are coping. Lots of love, Craig xxxxxxxxxxxx"

Craig, 11, Benbecula

"I hope she will be found. She is such a beautiful girl and I don't know why would somebody want to hurt someone so young and innocent."

Rabia, 13, Dubai

"Madeleine is missed by all people over the world. And I hope with all my heart that she gets found safe. she's such a pretty little girl she doesn't deserve this or her parents. Love you"

Rachel, 13, Dover

"I hope this lovely girl comes home soon. I wish the best for her family and hope she is alive and well."

Lauren, 12, Swindon

"The news is very distressing and I hope and pray every single day that Madeleine will soon be returned to her family and her life can return to normality. I hope whoever she is with is looking after her and has not caused her any harm or pain. Come Home Soon Madeleine."

Amelie, 13, Birmingham

"I feel so sorry for the family and this inappropriate behaviour by whoever took her. Please just give the little girl back to her loved ones where she belongs."

Matthew, 12, St Neots

"I wish that Madeleine could come back. I know I am not related to her in any way but it does feel as if I am so. In Coedcae School, we are all going to wear yellow ribbons to show that we care for Madeleine. Whoever has Madeleine bring her home back to her own family. Hope you come back Madeleine. xxxxxxx"

Becky, 13, Llanelli

"This is a very sad story to hear about and I hope that the parents are OK and I hope their little girl is OK xxxx"

Abbi, 13, Dover

"It hasn't affected me personally, but I feel really sorry for all people who were closely connected to her."

Amy, 12, Wokingham

"I think it's the most upsetting news that I have ever seen in my life! I am praying for Madeleine day and night. I can't believe that someone so cruel would take that beautiful child!"

Caroline, 8, London

"We pray for her safe return and her family that they will live through this terrible time."

Kathryn, 12

"I feel so sorry for Madeleine and her parents and family, I can't sleep at night or eat much because it is so upsetting."

Bekkie, 13, Llanelli

"We are all extremely worried about Maddie. We hope with all our hearts that she is found safe. We can't stop thinking about her and we pray for her safety every night."

Rokesly Junior School, London

"I am really sad about Maddie."

Ebonie, 12, Exeter

"It affected me when I wondered what is happening to her one knows. I wish she could just be found now. I hope Madeleine's parents are ok! XXX"

Molly, 12, Redcar

"I really.... hope she is found, it is so sad!!!"

Corey, 12

"I hope they find Madeleine soon!! I was upset when I heard someone would take a three year old girl! Happy Birthday!! We are all praying 4 you! XxXx"

Zoe, 13, Enniskillen

"It's so upsetting! Me and my family send our wishes to her and her parents. I think the media are doing a good job of keeping it in the eye of the public so people are still aware of it xxxx"

Emma, 12, Sunderland

"I am heartbroken at the disappearance of Madeleine and I think it is horrible that someone would take just take her like that!"

Emily, 10, Exhall

"I feel very sad. I hope they find her because she is a very beautiful little girl."

Louise, 12, Middlesbrough

"I feel really upset about the disappearance of Madeleine. I think that the police are not helping at all, they should tell the parents what they find out straight away. The whole of my family and all of my friends are really distraught and we send her parents all our hope."

Corey, 12, Pudsey

"I hope they find her, I really do. I send my wishes to find her and I say Happy B-day 2 her. xxxxxxxx"

Sarah, 10, Cradley Heath

"I think this is upsetting news and if people are affected, they should click on the Newsround Icon for upsetting news. But this is a rare thing, so don't be scared."

Thomas, 10, Taiwan

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