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Last Updated: Thursday May 17 2007 06:47 GMT

I've got blue tits nesting in my Tardis

Olivier and his Tardis bird box

Press Packer Olivier tells us all about his nest box with a Doctor Who theme.

"I got a Tardis nest box from a local garden centre at Christmas time. I chose it because I am mad on Doctor Who.

We put the nest box on top of a plant stand next to our kitchen so we could see if any birds came in or out.

No birds ever went into the box until a few weeks ago when I first saw a blue tit pop into the hole at breakfast time.

Six eggs

Doctor Who's Tardis
My mum didn't believe me, so we carefully looked inside the nest box, and to our amazement saw a little nest made of grasses and moss lined with feathers. It contained six small eggs!

Since then, I have studied the birds and learned more about them on the internet.


Some people even have live webcams to show you exactly what is going on inside their nest boxes without disturbing the birds.

We have set up a video camera on our windowsill to record visits to the nest box.

Sparrows and finches

We have a bird feeder hanging from our garage but we have not seen the blue tits using it since they have built their nest.

However, lots of other birds such as sparrows and finches take seeds from it.

Peter and Sandra
Peter Davidson as Doctor Who
Fifth Doctor Peter Davidson

I have named the two birds Peter and Sandra after my all-time favourite Doctor Who Peter Davidson and his real-life wife.

This Christmas, I am going to ask my nanny Carolyn for a small webcam so mum and I can see our own baby birds getting fed in case they come back to the Tardis next spring."

Olivier, 7, Norfolk

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Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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