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Last Updated: Friday June 08 2007 16:39 GMT

What did Lizo think about Dr Who?

The Doctor and Martha

Our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo reviews the seventh episode of the third series - 42.

Phew, what a scorcher! 42 is an exciting, tense story that keeps up the momentum that kicked in during the previous episode.

The Tardis picks up a distress signal and ends up on a distant spaceship. There are a few problems though. A mysterious force is taking over the crew one by one. And as if things weren't bad enough, the ship is on a collision course with a sun. The Doctor and Martha only have 42 minutes to find out what's going on and save everyone's lives.

This is an episode that's similar in feel to last year's double story The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, which is no bad thing. Humans far from home working in a tough environment, while facing a deadly enemy.

It's a story that pushes The Doctor to his very limits and also covers new ground for Martha. One of the most interesting things about the series is the effect that The Doctor has on the people around him. And Martha is finding her life pulled in all sorts of different directions.

The tension is kept up throughout by having the ship's fall into the sun happen in real time - at the start they have 42 minutes to stop it. If they can't stop it they'll be destroyed at the end of the episode.

Now, shocking as it might seem, not everyone watches every single episode of Doctor Who. But those faithful viewers who do are rewarded by seeing how things link together from episode to episode. And this story beautifully develops some of the themes that have been raised earlier in the series.

These are the parts of the episode that work best, rather better than the monster on a spaceship part of the plot. It leaves you wondering by the end not what adventure The Doctor and Martha will face next, but how the characters have been affected by what they've been through and what that will mean in the future. And that's the mark of a great episode.

Four out of five.

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Your comments

"This episode was very good! A good plot and the mask and breathing reminded me of Darth Vader."

Harry, 10, Llangrannog

"I did enjoy this one, it had all the right elements. It was fast paced and the 'Burn with me' catchphrase was chilling. And it was the first time the Doctor was really scared so that made it really interesting. I'd give it 4 and a half out of 5."

Daniel, 12, Birmingham

"The seventh episode of the third series - 42. I thought this episode was not very good because it did not have a good story line which is disappointing for Doctor Who. If it had a twist in the story it could be better."

Aine, 10, London

"42 was a great episode. I thought the monster was terrifying and would never have guessed that the sun was possessing the crew members. When the monster said 'Burn with me' it always sent a shiver down my spine. I really thought it was sad when Captain McDonnell killed herself and her husband, who had been possessed by the sun. The next episode looks very spine chilling. I'll definitely be watching."

Jory, 11, Bridnorth

"42 was an absolute legend of an episode!!! For the first time, I really thought the Doctor and Martha were in real danger. It really was a fantastic story, and beautifully written."

Callum, 13, Fife

"I just saw the episode and I think it looked really scary! The special effects were really good and Martha finally got her keys to the Tardis!"

Lucienne, nine, Oxford

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