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Last Updated: Thursday May 10 2007 15:05 GMT

Quiz: Allergies

A man sneezing

Question 1

How many kids have at least one allergy?

A: Two out of 10
B: Four out of 10
C: Six out of 10

Question 2

The things that you are allergic to are called?

A: Allergicals
B: Allergions
C: Allergens

Question 3

Eczema affects which of the body's organs?

A: The liver
B: The kidneys
C: The skin

Question 4

Summer hayfever is caused by breathing in what?

A: Car fumes
B: Pollen
C: Perfume

Question 5

How many kids have food allergies?

A: Two out of 100
B: Four out of 100
C: Six out of 100

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