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Last Updated: Monday May 07 2007 12:28 GMT

Spiders found living in boy's ear

House spider

A boy got a shock when he found out two spiders had moved in and made a new home in his ear.

Nine-year-old Jesse Courtney from Oregon in America noticed a faint popping noise in his ear and mentioned it to his mum.

But when it started to ache he decided to visit a doctor who thought he could spot something deep inside.

The doctor washed Jesse's ear out and to everyone's surprise a dead spider emerged, followed by a live one.

Noisy creatures

Garden spider
Doctors think the popping noise Jesse could hear was the sound of the spiders tip-tapping about inside his ear.

Afterwards, Jesse said: "They were walking on my eardrums."

Jesse was given the spiders - now both dead - as a souvenir and has taken them into school to show his friends.

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