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Last Updated: Wednesday June 27 2007 05:33 GMT

What stuff should the new PM do?

What should the next PM do?

When Tony Blair announced he was stepping down as the leader of the Labour party, we asked you for your messages for the person who would replace him as our Prime Minister.

At that time, we didn't know for sure that Gordon Brown would be taking the job.

But - now he's in the hotseat - he'll be very interested in your ideas.

Here's what you had to say...

Your Comments

"They should assist problems in war-torn countries, try to wipe out poverty, focus less on their own public image and help failing schools."

Jacob, 10, Surrey

"Tony Blair was a great prime minister he really cared about people, I think that Gordon Brown should not be the new prime minister."

Shannon., 13, Ireland

"The new PM should do something about global warming and pollution as it's getting much worse! - Maybe make a law to make people recycle."

Lamin, 11, Birmingham

"I think the new PM should make my Daddy come home from Iraq."

Harry, 8, Wales

"Give children in state schools who have dyslexia more help instead of just letting them fail."

Alice, 12, London

"The new PM should invest more money in education!"

Beth, Thatcham

"The new P.M. should give money for old secondary schools to make them better, improve education and make school safe.

Ayat, 11, London

"I think the new PM should make more amusement parks and places for kids to play in."

Karlyn, 9, Montrose

"The new PM should give poor people a home and stop too much pollution and worry about the environment."

Demi, 11, London

"The new PM needs to sort out knife crime and gun crime big style!"

Rob, 13, Manchester

"My mate has loads of good ideas if he was PM. I hope the next one does more work against terrorism and take the troops out of Iraq."

Paul, 11, Renfrewshire

"The new PM should stop following America and get our boys out of Iraq and Afghanistan! They should pay more attention to the NHS and education! They should formulate a plan of action against terrorism!"

Mindi, 13, London

"They should make private schools free, we all deserve the same standard of education."

Olivia, 12, London

"The new P.M. should make higher education, such as college, free. Improve the environment buy re-using and more recycling. The British health care should improve because of unhygienic standards in some hospitals."

Harry, 11, Liverpool

"The new P.M. should get our troops out of Iraq as too many lives have been lost to lies. They should also KEEP their promises as Tony didn't and they should LISTEN to the public, as Tony said he would, but when people petitioned about Iraq he didn't listen. They should also focus on the NHS as it is going downhill and education. Also crime and security."

Samantha, 13, Leicester

"I think the main focus for the next couple of years should be climate change. If not, will we be here in the next 70 years?"

Hollii, 12, Notts

"The Prime Minister should crack down on bad behaviour in schools and on the streets and also do something about binge dirking, crime and drugs."

Tony, 13, Alfriston

"We think there should be tougher punishment on people who break the law such as animal cruelty and drug use. We would also like a new system where all primary school children can have passes to go swimming for free in the evenings and at the weekends."

Class 4, Egerton Primary School

"I think the new P.M. should think about what children want and thank people more who work to help children, like the N.S.P.C.C."

Sophie, 10, Glasgow

"I think that the new P.M. should be loyal and more involved with the environment and schools. Tony Blair has some similar ideas, but this one must try and make our country an even better place to live and also make stricter laws. I like the one where you can't smoke in public places from June onwards."

Aimee, 12, Manchester

"The new P.M. should have more contact with the Scots, including kids."

Annam, 13, Glasgow

"They should take more interest about the poor people in the world and they should do something about it."

Homera, 13, Blackburn

"I think that we need someone who actually does something about our problems! Like sorting out poverty and helping people in Africa. I would like someone who makes good decisions and listens to what other people want. Also they would have to admit to their mistakes and not lie!"

Nicola, 11, Spilsby

"Well the new P.M. should think about the problems many people face today. He should help stop pollution and racial discrimination. He should help deter crime and stop it. He should enforce the ban on smoking quicker."

Matthew, 11, Gateshead

"Don't waste money on stupid things like building the Olympic stadiums in London that are getting built to host the 2012 Olympics."

Tom, 8, London

"I think they should give weekly newsletters to children, to provide info, tell us they really care what kids think and that we are also part of their plans."

Nyaha, 12, Retford

"I hope the next Prime Minister improves the education system, because a lot of kids aren't getting taught as well as they should."

Emily, 13, Reading

"I think kids my age need places to hang about! Small children have play areas, and older teenagers (18 and above) can hang out at pubs and restaurants! Aged 12 and up get so seriously bored...THEN they have the cheek to say all we do is eat, eat, eat, and spend too much time on Computers and watching TV! Like we have anything better to do! Give us places were we can go!"

Laura, 12, Leeds

"I think the new PM should pay more attention to the NHS... when Tony Blair became PM he said he would make it better - all he has done is make it worse!! The NHS is important and people are beginning to get fed up with the long waiting lists for treatment or operations!"

Emily, 13, Surrey

"Stop global warming, do everything possible right away to stop it. So basically invest in greener energies much more and stop the war in Iraq."

Scott, 11, Glasgow

"They should put some sort of bicycle lane to schools!"

Joel, 12, Surrey

"I think our new prime minister should do some fundraising, lower taxes, stop animal testing and do more events like Red Nose Day."

Mathu, 9, Epson

"I think that the new PM should create areas for teenagers to go, as small children and adults are catered for, but older children and teenagers are ignored. I also think he should withdraw ALL British troops from Iraq."

Emily, 13, Newcastle

"I think the new prime minister should listen to children as well as adults and do his best to answer our needs."

Danielle, 11, Wolverhampton

"They should help the environment a lot more, by helping pay for the underground so the tickets are cheaper, therefore more people will take the underground."

Marlena, 10, London

"I think he should bring in a law where if dogs go to the toilet, you HAVE to pick it up! It's really annoying when you step in it."

Christopher, 11, Somerset

"They should do more about school dinners. But more importantly they should do more about global warming as we have only got about 50 years until it takes affect."

Elliot, 11

"Reduce taxes for parents and put the prices up for alcohol by 100% to make up the money so that parents can keep an eye on their children's behaviour."

Tom, 8, London

"They should do more things to help the environment, like making everyone recycle."

Faye, 11, Liverpool

"I think he should make better sports facilities."

Eleanor, 12, Ireland

"The new Prime Minister should make congestion charge 20 and raise car tax. Then he/she should make inter-city public transport all free for everybody. This may be expensive for the government, but it certainly would be making cities, especially London, less polluted and more environmentally friendly."

Jake, 12, London

"I think they should be more caring, and take a better interest in children and the environment. I think that they should also work to sort out poverty in the UK and Europe and Africa."

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"The new PM should really CARE about kids. He (or she) should make efforts to keep kids off the streets."

Josh, 12, Stourbridge

"They should stop raising tax payments and other money-making schemes because it is just pathetic how much money they want!"

Lauren, 13, Carlisle

"I think they should sort out Iraq, improve the NHS and make the school year 7 entry better."

Amy, 12, Wokingham

"The new PM should invest in new school facilities, such as new whiteboards and interactive games."

Caitlin, 11, Bristol

"I think the new P.M. should get more dog wardens and make the bins be cleared out once a week instead of once a fortnight, get more healthy and stop thugs and vandalism."

Sebastian, 9, Newport

"They should do more to help the environment, like building all new houses with solar panels!"

Alice, 14, Worcester

"They should take more interest in what children think."

Kerry, 11, Medway

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