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Last Updated: Thursday May 10 2007 12:57 GMT

Quiz: Tony Blair

Tony Blair

Question 1

Where was Tony Blair born?

A: London
B: Cardiff
C: Edinburgh

Question 2

What is the name of his wife?

A: Clare
B: Cherie
C: Cerys

Question 3

How many children does he have?

A: Two
B: Three
C: Four

Question 4

To which political party does he belong?

A: Labour
B: Conservative
C: Liberal Democrat

Question 5

He is the Member Of Parliament for...

A: Hedgefield
B: Wedgefield
C: Sedgefield

Question 6

What nickname was he given by other politicians?

A: Aladdin
B: Bambi
C: Pluto

Question 7

What was the name of the band he was in at university?

A: Ugly Rumours
B: Pretty Rumours
C: Average Rumours

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