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Last Updated: Thursday May 03 2007 18:36 GMT

Sad sea lion finds love again

Carus and Boadicea [Pic: National Seal Sanctuary]

A sea lion left heart-broken by the death of its mate is happy again after finding a new girlfriend.

After 15 years splashing around side by side, Carus lost his partner Dipsy last year and had been lonely ever since.

Now staff at the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall have introduced him to Boadicea from Dudley Zoo - and the two have really hit it off.

Keeper Rachael Vine said: "Boadicea is settling in very well, there's been lots of playing and kissing."


Carus and Boadicea [Pic: National Seal Sanctuary]
Carus and Boadicea

Although Carus seems pleased with his new mate he's still getting used to sharing his fish supper of sprats, mackerel and herring.

Rachael said: "He's not used to not getting the last fish, but his moods don't last for long.

"He's definitely a lot happier now he's got company."