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Last Updated: Monday April 30 2007 15:16 GMT

Quiz: Recycling


Question 1

How much recycled glass do green bottles made in the UK contain?

A: 35%
B: 55%
C: 85%

Question 2

On average, how much paper does a person in the UK use every year?

A: 50kg
B: 200kg
C: 680kg

Question 3

Crushed glass is used to make the road resurfacing product Glassphalt. How many bottles were used to resurface the M6 motorway?

A: 500,000
B: 7.5 million
C: 14 million

Question 4

How many plastic bottles does the average UK household use a year?

A: 269
B: 373
C: 490

Question 5

And how many of these, on average, are recycled?

A: 29
B: 110
C: 180

Question 6

What percentage of drinks cans are made from aluminium in the UK?

A: 25%
B: 50%
C: 75%

Question 7

Up to how long do experts say it takes a carrier bag to decompose?

A: 5 years
B: 18 years
C: 500 years

Question 8

How many bottle banks are there in the UK?

A: 10,000
B: 28,000
C: More than 50,000

Question 9

Recycling one bottle saves enough energy to power a computer for how long?

A: 5 minutes
B: 10 minutes
C: 20 minutes

Question 10

How many nappies are thrown away every year in the UK?

A: 5 million
B: 150 million
C: 3 billion

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