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Last Updated: Sunday April 29 2007 09:50 GMT

Repairs start after Kent quake

The clean-up has started

Hundreds of people living in Kent are starting to repair their homes damaged by an earthquake.

Houses were damaged when the tremor struck at about 8.30am in Saturday.

Several families spent the night in emergency accommodation because their homes were so badly damaged.

No-one was seriously hurt but the quake made some houses really unstable. Experts are checking they are safe to go back into.

The Kent quake is the largest recorded in Britain since an earthquake shook Dudley in the West Midlands back in 2002.

Earthquakes in Britain are pretty rare, but very occasionally minor tremors shake different parts of the country.

December 2006 - Dumfries & Galloway (magnitude 3.5)
September 2002 - Dudley, West Midlands (5.0)
October 2001 - Melton Mowbray (4.1)
September 2000 - Warwick (4.2)
April 1990 - Bishop's Castle, Shropshire (5.1)
July 1984 - Nefyn, North Wales (5.4)
June 1931 - in North Sear near Great Yarmouth (6.1)

The emergency services took lots of calls, but no-one was seriously injured.

Damaged buildings

But it seems there was quite a lot of damage to buildings.

Eleven-year-old Joseph from Folkestone said his house was damaged: "We have cracks in our walls and our chimney is cracked a lot."

Electricity supplies and phone lines were also affected.


Kids in the area said it was a morning they would never forget.

Hannah, 13, from Ashford, said: "I felt myself vibrating, which woke me up. My bed was shaking and I was really confused - I thought that it was my phone vibrating!"

And Emily, from Deal, said the quake made the windows in her house shake, adding: "It was like being in a terrible storm."

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