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Last Updated: Thursday April 26 2007 12:22 GMT

Lizo reviews episode five of Doctor Who

Dalek Sec Hybrid

Our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo reviews the fifth episode of the third series - Evolution of the Daleks.

The second part of this Dalek story picks up exactly where Daleks in Manhattan ended. And after the sluggish pace of the first part, this one rattles along at a much better pace, as the Daleks' master plan is revealed and the Doctor has to make some incredibly difficult choices.

The story is focussed on the newly-created Human Dalek. Together with the three remaining pure-blood Daleks, he's fighting to help the Dalek race survive. As well as come to terms with being both human and Dalek.

A lot of the episode, and actually this whole series, is about what it means to be human. And that's one of the interesting ideas in this story.

Unfortunately, although this is a story to make you think, the ideas don't always come off properly on screen. Although it's good to see a programme like this trying to be as ambitious as possible. Even if it doesn't quite succeed in the end.

Big part for Martha

Much better is Martha's role in Evolution of the Daleks. This is her strongest episode so far as a character. Instead of just tagging along as the Doctor's companion, she has a much bigger part to play. And it's great to see her in action, having to plan and come up with ideas.

And at last we get to see the Daleks doing what they do best, taking on their enemies with cries of 'Exterminate'! In this second part they come across as much scarier and more sinister.

Everything does wrap up a little too nicely at the end, though. And although it's not an outstanding episode, anything featuring the Daleks in any form is always worth a watch.

6 and a half out of 10.

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