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Last Updated: Tuesday April 24 2007 18:40 GMT

In pictures: Pupils tackle beach litter

Pupils clearing litter

Pupils at Bournville Junior School in Weston-super-Mare are so fed up of the amount of litter being dropped on their local beach they've decided to do something about it.

Film crew on the beach

Laura went along to lend a hand and film the clean-up for Newsround.

Rubbish on the beach

One in three bits of rubbish found on beaches in the UK come from visitors who can't be bothered to put them in the bin.


Kelly-Anne, 10, found this rubber glove left among the pebbles.


Antony, 10, said even little bits of plastic can do serious damage to big animals like whales. "If it gets stuck in certain parts of its body, there's a chance it might die," he said.

Pupils removing the rubbish

The pupils got rid of loads of rubbish during the day including a tyre, a saw, a shoe and even a plastic toy telephone!