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Last Updated: Tuesday April 24 2007 14:56 GMT

Endangered rhino caught on camera

The rhino sniffs the camera

One of the world's rarest creatures has been filmed in the wild for the first time.

The night-time video shows a Borneo rhino eating, walking and sniffing camera equipment in the Malaysian jungle.

Campaigners hope the filming will help their efforts to save the rhinos from becoming extinct.

They reckon there are only between 25 and 50 left on the island of Borneo and it's feared the animals could die out.

"These are very shy animals that are almost never seen by people and so this video gives us an amazing opportunity to spy on the rhino's behaviour," said one wildlife expert.


Baby rhino

The creature was found in a forest where many trees have been cut down to be sold on. It's also under threat from hunters.

Campaigners hope the video will help them to convince officials to step up efforts to protect the area so the species can survive.