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Last Updated: Monday April 23 2007 15:21 GMT

Q and A with Spider-Man 3 stars

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst

Spider-Man 3 is the first of many big films which will be around in the summer.

Newsround's Lizo met the two leading stars, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, to talk about the movie.

Here's what they said.


Spider-Man goes through a real emotional rollercoaster in this film. Was that one of the reasons you wanted to do this movie?
I think his journey was interesting, and in this film, it was something important to me as an actor to have new experiences, to see the character grow in a different direction.

There's going to be a lot of huge summer movies out soon. Is it an advantage being first out?
I'm not sure how it will lay out with the other movies but I think there's room for all of them this summer.

How important is it to have balance between good stories and big special effect sequences?
To me, they're both very important, you have to have an exciting thrill ride, so you have to have a great action sequence. But for us to be proud of making a quality film that people can appreciate, I think you've got to put a lot of work into the characters and story.

How do you think your character has developed over the movies to keep people interested?
He was very young in school and your basic average kid in school that felt like an outsider. He wanted to get some attention from a girl and then he got superhuman power. The second movie was a coming of age story and also an identity crisis. This movie, he's a little older, feeling confident - a story of his pride and the mistakes he makes.

Is there likely to be Spider-Man 4?
I'm not sure where we're going with the character. For me, I have loved doing these movies, had such a great time. There would have to be a reason to make it, new ground to cover, but I'll consider it when the time comes.


How do you keep the story fresh three films in?
We kept changing and evolving as people as it's been such a long process, and also, we've never rested on our laurels. We've also wanted to make better movies and there's also been more to explore with people and their relationships.

How has MJ developed?
She started out as 16 or 17 years old and now she's grown. She's become a woman. Peter and her finally being together now brings a whole new set of problems.

Where can you go for Spider-Man 4? Will there be another?
Tobey and I say we will only do it if we do it together, and then we'll see. We haven't discussed it yet.

It's a massive summer for films. What does your film have that others don't?
I can't compare movies, they're all so different. In our movies, the people have such love for the people they're playing. I really feel that this is also an end to the chapter of the three films, so if you've grown up with the first and second, you'll appreciate the third.

MJ is a very strong character, what does it feel like to be a role model, to play the part?
It's an honour for me but I don't take responsibility for other people's actions. I try and be honourable to my friends and family and for people to look up to me, that's a nice compliment.

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