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Last Updated: Monday April 16 2007 12:43 GMT

Quiz: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Question 1

Which county was Lewis born in?

A: Hertfordshire
B: Devon
C: Cornwall

Question 2

And in what year?

A: 1975
B: 1980
C: 1985

Question 3

How old was he when he started karting?

A: Eight
B: 14
C: 16

Question 4

In which country did he make his Grand Prix debut?

A: Bahrain
B: Australia
C: Malaysia

Question 5

Which F1 team does Lewis drive for now?

A: Ferrari
B: McLaren
C: Renault

Question 6

Who was his team-mate during his first Formula One season?

A: Felipe Massa
B: Fernando Alonso
C: Heikki Kovalainen

Question 7

How many points did he beat Felipe Massa by to be crowned world champion in 2008?

A: One
B: Two
C: Three

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